Chancellor Scholz tries to explain German energy policy and is loudly contested. A hot autumn is brewing

As reported by the German newspaper Welt , German Chancellor Scholz went to an event organized by the SPD in the town of Neuruppin, in Brandenburg, for a meeting with voters and to explain the new aid package for families that should accompany the energy policy in the midst of the Russian gas crisis.

Unfortunately, the meeting did not go very well: the Chancellor was the subject of a strong and noisy protest, with often embarrassing questions, which highlighted the weakness of the government's position. A present, speaking of the possible demonstrations that will take place in the autumn in the face of rising energy prices, went so far as to ask if the government intends to "shoot the crowd", which Scholz obviously denied. In the end, however, the Chancellor had to use a powerful amplification system to overcome the noisy protests. Here is a video of the event

Other very strong disputes have concerned Germany's position in the Ukrainian conflict, at a time when support for Kiev seems to be weakening strongly. Obviously the media have blamed the objections on the bad guys of the AfD and Linke, that is to the right and the left, but it is not the first time that Scholz has been challenged, in fact lately he almost always is when he speaks in public. The protests are also very strong against the finance minister, the liberal Lindner, who finds himself in conflict with both the left and a part of his own base.

Politically, Germany faces a crossroads: either to apply harsh energy austerity policies, or to surrender to Russia. The first solution will lead to harsh social disputes, the second will undermine the German position in the Western bloc. There would be a third option, that of asking European countries, especially Mediterranean countries, for strong cooperation, but this is not feasible for the German mentality. Therefore, however, there are no positive ways out for Germany.

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