Chaos at Fauci’s press conference when asked about the origins of covid

Chaos erupted in the White House press room on Tuesday after several reporters asked Anthony Fauci questions about the origins of Covid-19 and related investigations.
When reporters started asking questions, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to shut the discussion down.

We have a process here, I won't call people who are yelling, and you are disrespecting your colleagues and our guests ,” he said, scolding reporters. " I won't call you if you scream, and you're also taking time away from work because Dr. Fauci has to leave in a couple of minutes ."

You have to call people back to the hall! He has a valid question, he asked about the origin of the COVID ,” an Africa Today reporter replied.

Fauci ended up answering only three questions, including one about whether House Republicans have a majority in Congress and could investigate him. so he escaped, also because the questions about how covid originated and the responsibilities of his institute, the NAIAD, are increasingly pressing.

Several Republican Party lawmakers have said they will call him to testify about the origins of the COVID-19 virus and how his agency has provided funding to third parties to conduct controversial research in Wuhan, China. The veteran federal official said he has testified "hundreds of times" and would comply with Republicans if asked. As for questions about the origin of COVID-19, Fauci did not answer on Tuesday . – Epoch times

I let others judge the value or otherwise of my results, but I would like people to remember what I did: every day, for all these years, I gave everything I had and I never left anything on the field ” Fauci said.

The changing of the guard in the Chamber, passed quietly in the Italian media, will pose major problems for Fauci and for those, such as the Ecohealth alliance, who have collaborated with the Wuhan laboratory for research related to the improvement of viruses. Now the situation is much more complicated and surely there will be investigations, especially since the probable presidential candidate DeSantis has long spoken of him as a "Sower of fear".

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