China: chaos at Foxconn with clashes between police and workers, all for Covid Zero

The Covid Zero policies in China, with extreme suffering imposed on the people when discovered positive, are causing otherwise imaginable problems and putting local economic activities at risk. Foxconn, which makes Apple's technology for the US in China, has found itself short of workers at its giant plant in Zengzhou, where iPhones are made. Some of the workers are positive for covid, some fled because they feared being placed in lockdown due to covid. Then Foxconn tried to hire about 100,000 workers, according to China expert Jennifer Zeng, who, however, fearing the lockdown, asked for the sine qua non, to remain separate from the previous workers. It is a pity that the company then did not keep these promises and therefore there was a real revolt of the workers

There were clashes not only with the internal security service, but also with the police who were forced to intervene

Police used tear gas, but workers responded by using fire extinguishers, and fighting continued

At this point the workers set fire to the entrances and the police intervened heavily with water cannons

The Covid Zero policies are creating more and more inconvenience and dissatisfaction among the population, with even other signs of revolt, yet there is no serious attempt to stop this policy. Will the repression succeed without causing a series of widespread discontents?

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