China: covid test center manager arrested. Suspected “Untore” for money

A very particular scandal is taking place in China and puts the entire management of Covid-19 into question. As and Jennifer Zhang report. Zhang Moudong, regional manager of the Zhengzhou Jinyu Clinical Laboratories, part of the Kingmed Group, was arrested by Henan police on Wednesday with a very serious charge: his clinical diagnosis center would have favored the spread of covid-19 in the region.

The accusation is incredible and very serious: Zhang Maudong allegedly falsified the test results in order to favor the spread of covid-19. In practice, he would have acted to maintain a certain spread of the disease so that he could economically take advantage of the situation and make a profit by continuing to carry out PCR tests.

Some cities and regions, such as Hebei, have given up on PCR testing because, at this point, they are no longer considered reliable. after all, imagine doctors acting like some old-fashioned computer hackers, who first create a virus and then enter the antivirus to cure it.

The scandal is such that it has affected both KingMed, the parent company of the clinics where the scandal occurred, and the CCP expert and "national hero" Zhong Nanshan, a member of the KingMed scientific committee and considered the leading Chinese expert on Chinese respiratory diseases. .

Ghuangzhou Kingmed's shares plummeted as news of the arrest spread

This latest scandal highlights how the management of Covid-19 in China was very hard, but far from transparent and, above all, how the management of the CCP is prone to connivance with very strong economic powers. At the same time, this arrest can also be a way to distract public opinion from the central problem, namely the failure of the "Covid zero" control policy, which has been blocking some cities in China for weeks and which in the future will pose major problems when Omicron it will be endemic throughout the rest of the world.

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