China-India tension skyrockets again, and Beijing shows videos of Indian prisoners

Here we go again: after the failure of the peace talks between China and India on the problem of the Himalayan borders between the two states, both the game of accusations and provocations have started again.

Beijing, on the day of the army holiday, released images of the clashes in the Galwan Valley in 2020, in which Indian prisoners are humiliated and taken away blindfolded towards captivity.

The clashes led to the deaths of dozens of Indian and Chinese soldiers, some in the clashes, others by falling of the frozen river, and led to the height of tension between the two countries. Here is a map of the situation:

Beijing blamed New Delhi for the failed negotiations, saying its demands were excessive and unreasonable. India, however, wants to oppose Chinese expansionism in the area at all costs, also disputed with Pakistan, and is amassing, as far as possible, a certain military force also on its side of the border. The problem is that China has greatly improved its military infrastructure on its side of the border, with the construction of wide roads that facilitate connections in a highly disadvantaged area and over 5,000 meters high. India makes this confrontation a matter of national pride, despite the fact that its army is not up to a direct confrontation with Beijing. It is only to be hoped that there will not be an explicit military confrontation, far from being discarded.

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