Closed ski resorts and restaurant chaos in Liguria: we start badly Dragons show you can break, or will be a Count IV (the III was the aborted one of the Managers)

Two events mark the opening of the new Draghi government, and they are negative and in continuity with the past.

The two events are, indeed, shameful:

  • The government has announced that the ski resorts will NOT reopen, as it should have. Now the opening, at the last minute, is postponed tout-court to 5 March. Going on like this we will ski in June. This is because the CTS gave a negative opinion. Giving safety directions was too much trouble. Meanwhile, in Switzerland the plants are open and there has been no resurgence of the virus, indeed, with large-scale vaccinations, they are better off than us.
  • So the closure in Liguria, back orange, for restaurants announced on Friday evening to be closed on Sunday, with no respect for the work of restaurateurs, for the purchases they have made and throw away.

At this point, if the Draghi government wants to last and also be popular in the country, beyond the laughable polls of the press, which say everything and the opposite of everything, it must really change pace. Show that it is not a continuation of the Count, because, otherwise, you will have the same strong opposition that the Conte government had. Today is the first day one mistake is admitted, but not others. Give a sign of breaking with the past, dismiss the bad, nefarious, disrespectful Technical Scientific Committee, made by absent or unprepared and either reciprocate it completely, or abolish it and act directly.

If this does not happen it will only be a Count IV, (Count III was the aborted one of the "Responsible" who had only one vote in the Senate), and then he will have the same treatment as Count II, and therefore a difficult and short life.

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