CNN: Our purpose was to kick Trump out, not to inform. Word of manager

Project Veritas, the journalistic project that investigates the impartiality and correctness of the US mass media, managed to score another juicy blow: it captured in a video the confession of a CNN executive who does not mind saying that their job, during the election campaign, was not to inform, but to send Donald Trump home.

An undercover video shows CNN technical director Charlie Chester revealing how the network intentionally painted Joe Biden in a positive light to get Donald Trump to lose the election.
In a conversation with a Project Veritas reporter, Chester admits CNN worked to make Trump look "unsuitable for the job," while at the same time portraying Biden as healthy to fight fears the 78-year-old was unable to maintain. The Presidency .

The executive admits that the whole story of Donald Trump's "Shaking Handshake" was completely made from scratch, complete with medical confirmations, while it is admitted that the network always filmed Biden while he was jogging or sporting activities to hide the his advanced age.

He and his entourage have no problem admitting that, without CNN intervention and the pandemic, Trump would still be president. Eventually the same technical director admits that his business is "Propagand".

At this point what remains of the credibility of mass media such as CNN, which instead are used as a measure of the activity of all other media? Who can still believe that the truth has only one face, only one aspect, when those who had to cultivate it have made it only a matter of propaganda?

Here is the video

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