Communist regimes and health dictatorships: same story, same end

The health dictatorship will fall exactly as the communist dictatorship fell. It will fall first in a symbolic country (guess which one) and then – for an inexorable domino effect – in all the others. Just like in 1989, the implosion of the USSR also led to the crumbling of its faithful satellites. And some symbolic event will likely happen, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall. Maybe just as a metaphor. Perhaps it will be the wall of lies on which the altars to the god Vax and the churches of his priests were erected. Be that as it may, this will happen. We can predict this with reasonable confidence for one simple reason. And that is for the extraordinary similarities between Communism and Covidism, between Communism and Panvaccinism.

Think about it. In both cases, we are faced with a form of idolatry for a pseudoscience. Marx was convinced that he had identified the ineluctable laws of historical becoming, precise and "mathematical" (in their occurrence) as the law of gravity. Similarly, covidiots and ultravaxes believe in a "science" (where doubt is banished and debate abhorred) based on criteria exactly opposite to those on which true science is founded. For the Communists, it was never a problem to know "if", but only "when", there would be the definitive triumph of the proletariat. Likewise, it has never been a problem for ultravaxes to guess “if” the vaccine would favor the advent of herd immunity, but only with “what” percentage of vaccinated.

For the Communists, if reality did not match their infallible predictions, predictions did not have to be changed, reality had to be adulterated. Similarly, for the covidiots, if the deaths "of" covid, at the beginning of the pandemic, were not enough to arouse sufficient fear, the deaths "with" covid should also be counted in the deck (perhaps revealed positive after a car accident). While for the ultravax, if the infected and the hospitalized increase out of all proportion with respect to the messianic expectations of vaccination "salvation", then there is a problem of "numbers", the "counts" must be redone, the "parameters" must be changed.

Again, for Communism there was no tolerance for "dissidents". They had to be demonized or even eliminated. The same applies to the Covidiotes and the Ultravax: the dodgers to the viral and vaccine monopthesis lever are green mush to be shot with cannons. Or, worse, subhumans who even deny the universal right to health still guaranteed today to the most inveterate vicious (enemies of their own health) and the most ferocious criminals (enemies of the health of others).

Finally, Communism was by vocation, "denier". As long as he could, he denied everything: from the police nature of the regimes beyond the curtain to Stalin's millions of dead. Likewise, covidiotes deny the usefulness of the treatments and ultravaxes deny the existence of side effects.

In short, only by using the political and historical category of communism is it possible to decipher and decode the otherwise inexplicable madness of current times. As well as its aberrant forms: such as the suspension of doctors from the service, the indiscriminate puncture of minors, the prejudicial hostility to treatment.

By a merciless irony of fate (but perhaps it is no coincidence), Covid was born in the territory of an ancient communist dictatorship, while the line of obtuse rigor and idiotic fanaticism thrives in our country, above all because of a small party of ill-concealed communist tradition (expression of the Minister of Health).

In all this, only one, but not slight consolation. At least in the West, communist regimes and health dictatorships have the same genesis and boast the same history. They will also do the same thing.

Francesco Carraro

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