“Compulsory” vaccinations and “informed” consent: the details of an abuse

Please, sign informed consent before undergoing a "mandatory" vaccine (or any other medical procedure)! If you were to suffer damage, "your cabbage" will be the response of the State Attorney.

Vaccines cause a lot of damage every year, how many exactly is unknown because they are censored and / or not recognized for the vast majority of cases. Among the damages stand out autism and other autoimmune diseases, especially among children to whom they have imposed – under penalty of unconstitutional blackmail of not accessing school – up to 27 vaccines in 14 months at a very young age – as witnessed in the video below by a father of injured child – throwing away the precautionary principle by law. Where did it go? Have doctors forgotten it together with science and conscience?

In this country, therefore, in addition to the damage from denatality and runaway brains , due to austerity and the attack on the Italian economy that we have suffered for thirty years now by corrupt and unconscious men in the institutions of the state and to the government, we also had to suffer the harmful consequences of vaccination obligations on thousands (?) of children and also among the soldiers, who should be those in charge of defending the homeland ( Dossier here ).

Now given that the principle of caution should apply and that at least we should ask ourselves about the cost / benefit ratio, ask yourself why everyone – doctors, media, and others – insists so much on the flu shot or, worse, on what is to come. before its efficacy is proven against the virus of the moment, when we all now know that a vaccine against an RNA virus is not effective,

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when we all know that vaccines increase covid damage by 36% (see 1), when we all know by now that these vaccines, unlike veterinary ones, are NOT clean and are polluted by nanoparticles, heavy metals, and even by aborted fetuses and monkey DNA and so on (see 2).

Do we all know? Well, not exactly. Who knows who DOESN'T only get information on the mass media, which has now become a propaganda apparatus so refined that it makes the best Goebbels and Co pale . Or who knows who has experienced it on their own skin or that of their children, as described in the video below.

On the contrary, those who dare to question the veracity of the "truth" of the minver are lately censured with enthusiasm and denigrated as a propalator of buffaloes.

Did someone tell you in the mainstream media that in Bergamo and Brescia there had been very heavy vaccination campaigns, 34,000 vaccinated against meningitis and 141,000 flu shots for 2020? Here are the excerpts from a study by EuropeanConsumers not exactly a conspiracy organization nor no vax:

The truth is that we are undergoing the greatest medical experimentation on the human population worthy of the best Mengele, where the State exonerates itself of responsibility by signing our self-styled informed consent coming from the Nuremberg code which at the end of the second war had to draw a clear difference. between lawful experimentation and torture, the first being distinguished from the second precisely by signing this document in which the patient declares to have been informed about the nature, duration and purpose of the clinical trial, as well as the method and means by which it will be conducted , any effects on health and any dangers.

The abuse and generalization of this document in the medical field, for any medical act, has made it a sort of indemnity for pharmaceutical companies and hospitals, in order to reduce the number of trials and, in the case of vaccines, to wash your hands of it except then compensate, as the state does for hundreds of people, in cases where the causal link has been demonstrated in a striking way, despite all the obstacles to the poor parents.

But when we sign an informed consent, have we really been informed? Usually not. The patient, in good faith, trusts, lending his side to the abuse …

In this huge mass experimentation, the multinationals have managed to unload on the States, that is to say on all of us, the payment of compensation for vaccine damages, which continue to occur every year in the silence of the medical class – conscious or unaware – whose members deny the phenomenon when they do not even fear retaliation such as radiation from the register or other more serious ones. Those who obey slavishly receive rewards instead.

This denial of the phenomenon comes from the Nuremberg Code itself according to which "experimentation" must not be carried out if a priori it is known that it could cause damage or death. If you deny the phenomenon of causality between vaccines and damage, then you deny that vaccine manufacturers can be aware of it, protecting them from any accusations that are much heavier and systemic than mere casual and occasional damage.

This state of affairs has been going on for decades, and is getting badly worse with the paroxysm of the covid vaccine which, as we know, could combine two birds with one stone: inject something that looks like a vaccine and, at the same time, introduce or apply a gel. with quantum tattoo that can store health information, which will then be combined with personal and financial information, readable with infrared, for example in airports (see http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20200621-will- travel-be-safer-by-2022 ).

This is how the worldwide ID vaccine trial begins. First in airports and stations, and then everywhere. Besides, if you don't have this new type of "passport", you can't travel, you can't work, you can't pay or get paid. Welcome to the new world state!

To get there, the regime would like to impose a second lockdown on us as soon as possible, so it will be a crescendo in information and media tones, in the manipulation of statistics. We have already seen during the whole epidemic how the data were trafficked, if only because they are always presented in absolute values, never in proportion to demographics, to those affected, to patients without symptoms, to presumed asymptomatic patients. Furthermore, we all know, through direct or indirect experience, of those elderly patients who entered for another pathology but then died and were classified as "covid" because hospitals receive funding for inpatients and deaths from covid (where does this money come from? it?). What is worse is that they died alone worse than dogs without being able to greet the family. Not to mention the ban on autopsies that continues to this day, due to the extension of the emergency. And the ban on funerals. Situation to be investigated for crimes against humanity and for which the government will have to answer one day.

We are in a situation in which 0.02% of people test positive, already a ridiculous percentage despite having been found with swabs, of which they do not tell us the truth, which is that they are unreliable as a diagnostic tool by the admission of doctors and reagent producers: they would give 70/80% of false positives ( Qua ). So the more you swab, the more positive people you find on the test. Therefore mustard is mounted to find the pretext for the second confinement. For the second half of September?

But of two things: either the virus is really dangerous and then you really close the ports, you don't leave holes in the reception centers, you don't let migrants disperse in nature (the government is complicit since it uses drones for regular citizens and not for the illegal ones) and request the results of the serological tests from the tourists (incidentally, Americans are not brought in, but the illegal immigrants are made?), or it is not so dangerous but then they should stop persecuting us with the fines for masks and the prohibition of gathering and the threat of a second confinement!

Because of two things: either the government is guilty of procured contagion, or it is guilty of mass manipulation and fake news.

With a second lockdown the risk is really the default, to get to the blackmail of the id vaccine, when for example the bank cards will become unusable (in the USA, 70 million cards suddenly declared unusable), or after a nice balance sheet in the bank or on real estate how Europe so longs!

Default procured.

In all this I say: please, sign the informed consent, fig leaf to make us believe that we are still in a democracy while they want to put the ring on our nose, but "for our good".

The worst dictatorships in history have always started with the manipulated consent of the citizens and the worst of paternalisms: "for your own good."

Suffice it to recall the macabre inscription “Arbeit macht frei” affixed to the Auschwitz gate. By the way, how could all this have happened? And how did the German "bad guys" allow it? Well, now you should understand: there was propaganda and people took the bait, like now, and even the Jews told them that they took them to places to work where they sometimes even received "inside" pocket money.

The first battle in this global coup was won thanks to our disobedient doctors, or heretics, who continued to do their work "in science and conscience" and who instead of blindly obeying the protocols imposed by WHO / Gates / technical committees 1 they asked themselves questions 2. they did everything to save the sick, especially after carrying out the autopsies in defiance of the regulations.

The next battles will be won if we equally show disobedience, because obedience must cease where violations of the Constitution, human rights and natural law begin and one day whoever obeys to the last will be judged by history exactly as were those who by blindly obeying the orders of a regime made themselves collaborators. Only those who, obeying orders, dropped bombs on Dresden and Hiroshima, sanctioning the criminal principle of "punishment of one people" for the crimes of a few. And the problem is that even after the war the effects of propaganda continued in precisely denying the collaboration with the forces of evil of the so-called "liberators". This bias in condemning war crimes is precisely what has led us to the horror we are opening up today.

Because today, as then, the masses were silent, to live quietly, and preferred not to ask questions and believe the story they told them, like children.

And now, if you want to continue believing in fairy tales, please sign the "informed" consent. You do it every day, blackmailed, if you want to download programs on your smart phone and on your PC, by clicking your consent to illegible contracts that in fact give, day after day, more and more power to these monstrous multinationals, daughters of the worst Nazism.

Sign, and keep quiet, to live peacefully, thinking of saving yourself a few moments now, that “there is no certainty of tomorrow”.

And with that risking to sign our death warrant. As humanity.

Nforcheri 10/08/2020

(1) Study published January 10, 2020 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31607599/ https://www.disabledveterans.org/2020/03/11/flu-vaccine-increases-coronavirus-risk /


The flu shot can increase the risk of other respiratory viruses with a phenomenon known as viral interference. Test negative study designs are often used to calculate the effectiveness of the flu vaccine. The viral interference phenomenon contradicts the basic premise on the vaccine efficacy of test negative studies that vaccines would not affect the risk of infectivity from other respiratory diseases, potentially making vaccine efficacy results biased in the positive direction. This study aims to investigate viral interference by comparing respiratory virus status among Department of Defense personnel according to their flu vaccination situation. In addition, individual respiratory viruses and their association with the flu vaccine were examined.


We compared the vaccination status of 2,882 people with non-influenza respiratory viruses with 3240 people with negative results. In the comparison between vaccinated and unvaccinated, the adjusted odds ratio of contracting non-influenza viruses was 0.97 (95% confidence interval (CI): 0.86, 1.09; p = 0.60). Additionally, the vaccination status of 3349 influenza cases were compared to three different control groups: all controls (N = 6120), non-influenza positive controls (N = 2880), and negative controls (N = 3240). The odds ratios in the comparison between the three control groups did not vary as much (range: 0.46–0.51).


Receiving the influenza vaccination was not associated with viral interference in the population. Examining viral interference with specific respiratory viruses has shown mixed results. Vaccine-derived viral interference has been significantly associated with human coronavirus and metapneumovirus, however significant protection with vaccination was associated not only with most influenza viruses but also with co-phenomena of para-influenza viruses, RSV, and don't influence them.

(2) Conference on Freedom of Therapeutic Choice in the Senate, 27 June 2019


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