Conte leaves the delegation of the Secret Service… to Merkel. An apparent change of manager

It is now evident that Conte does not want to leave the delegation of the secret services, even if he is forced to make the choice. There was talk of a sale of the same to the secretary general Roberto Chieppa, his faithful valet, but his convocation to COPASIR in relation to the latest messes related to the fake hacking of Palazzo Chigi and other events interrupted the passage.

Conte then decided to hand over the delegation to the secret services to Pieto Benassi, who becomes undersecretary of the PdC with responsibility for services. Benassi, former ambassador to Berlin, former Merkel's fifth column in the yellow-green government and who confirmed his presence in the transfer of power. Practically, the new head of the secret services is the link between Berlin and Rome, and, despite being a skilled person, he further marks our political submission to Berlin, the inability of the Conte government to sustain itself without external support.

Conte, in an increasingly evident way, is just another gauleiter who drives in our country remotely controlled from Berlin, even if at times this is disguised behind the super-German Brussels. Continuing on this path, with an accepted Leuropeanism that feels increasingly proclaimed in words, but disdained in fact, the government will put us hands and feet in the hands of an external and changing power, with no interest in the well-being of our citizens , but only dedicated to looting, as the constant appeals to the Property Tax indicate. Benassi's appointment is just another step on this path.

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