COUNTERORDER COMPANIONS! It seems that “global warming” makes the Sahara greener!

The mantra of the greens and above all of the most pushed pro-Europeans, those who are pushing for the destructive Green Deal, states that global warming, now called "Climate Change" because there is little overheating, would be at the basis of a growth in desertification and a destruction of natural habitats. Too bad the exact opposite is happening, all proven by publications in mainstream scientific journals.

An article that appeared in Martin Brandt's Nature , based on satellite observations, comes to read:

A large number of dryland trees and shrubs (hereafter collectively referred to as trees) grow in isolation, without canopy closures. These non-forest trees play a crucial role in biodiversity and provide ecosystem services such as carbon storage, food resources and shelter for humans and animals1,2. However, most of the interest related to trees is devoted to forests and trees outside the forests are not well documented3. Here we map the crown size of each tree larger than 3 m2 over a land area extending over 1.3 million km2 in the West African Sahara, the Sahel and the sub-humid zone, using lower resolution satellite images. per meter and deep learning4. We detected over 1.8 billion individual trees (13.4 trees per hectare), with a median crown size of 12 m2, along a rainfall gradient of 0 to 1,000 mm per year…. Although overall canopy coverage is low, the relatively high density of isolated trees defies prevailing narratives of dryland desertification5,6,7, and even the desert exhibits a surprisingly high density of trees. Our assessment suggests a way to monitor trees outside forests globally and to explore their role in the mitigation of degradation, climate change and poverty.

So, surprise surprise, despite climate change, the number of trees in sub-Saharan and pre-desert areas is growing. So either climate change isn't that bad, or all the assessments made so far on its impact are COMPLETELY WRONG. After all, more heat is also more humidity and therefore more precipitation. Among other things, the growth of trees, isolated for now, but still important, is a forerunner both for the creation of an important habitat for wildlife and, potentially, opens up exploration areas for an increase in agricultural surfaces.

Despite this they are about to impose on you, to the sound of anti-democratic and unscientific votes, a very heavy recessive maneuver in the name of zero emissions. You will pay dearly for a kind of return to the Middle Ages to “Save the planet” which, in reality, is very well saved by itself.

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