David Rossi case: now we also have the posthumous letter. 9 years of deceit

Some media reveal the latest oddity, truly absurd, linked to the David Rossi case: the emails announcing his intention to commit suicide, apparently dated March 4, 2013, were actually created on March 7, that is, the day after. the death of the manager of Monte dei Paschi di Siena. Died after crashing from his office and crashing into the pavement below. Basically, the email announcing the suicide was created on March 7th, but it was sent to the director Fabrizio Viola, complete with the subject "Tonight I commit suicide, help me !!!!" was made to appear occurred on March 4th. The Postal Police cannot find a logical explanation for this inexplicable fact without thinking about a forgery or travel or time. But that's not all.

The report of the Postal Police that detects this anomaly dates back to 2020, but has not been disclosed until now. And this is the real scandal, because:

  • In 2013, none of the investigators thought about making a further report on emails sent from David Rossi's computer and on those of those who had received them?
  • the prosecutor of Genoa wanted to close the investigation on that of Siena with an archiving. How can an investigation be closed with such a problem?

Of course all these oddities are very normal in the Siena of Monte Paschi. We are now at the level of "47 dead talking", or dead sending emails.

But everything is fine, and no one will pay for these messes.

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