Doubts about Pfizer and Moderna: Becchi and Tarro on the subject, but also some worrying news

There is something wrong with the Pfizer vaccine and that could also be linked to delays in deliveries. Il Giornale , for example, informs us that the EMA has realized that some batches of the vaccine would be of lower quality, and even Israel complained about the decreased effectiveness of the first injection. Could the vaccine be “Watered down? Or is there some more problem?

Becchi and Tarro on NP provide us with their explanation of both the functioning of the Pfizer and Moderna RNA vaccines.

But how do the Pfizer and Moderna "vaccines" that are now used in Italy work? The technique of injecting not a virus but fragments of messenger RNA (mRNA) consists in using a molecule mirroring the DNA of the virus for the production of proteins constituting the viral particle which has the purpose of inducing the "spike" glycoprotein of the coronavirus, which it is used for the Ace2 receptors of target cells in order to produce these antigens in our cells through the information of the mRNA. The production of specific antibodies such as immunoglobulins towards these specific viral antigens is then stimulated to establish the immunity of the vaccinated subject. It is therefore a new gene therapy, never used before, based on its molecule that contains the instructions for the synthesis in the human body of new proteins which should allow it to better resist the attack of the same virus.

Can this new technique be considered compatible with the definition of a vaccine that has long been in use? In short, are they vaccinating or testing a new drug on a very large scale? Can the new technique be considered compatible with the definition of vaccine as a "biological means", while here it is a new drug based on fragments of a DNA mirror molecule? These are legitimate questions and don't say that "science" has already provided the answers, because the "real" experimentation of this new drug now begins with vaccinations. And only in several years, perhaps, will we know what effects it has produced.

Vaccine, side effects

It is not true, it is objected, there have been clinical trials that have allowed the drug to be approved. There is a lot to be said about it, for example that they did not include patients with acute or unstable diseases and few were volunteers over eighty. Furthermore, the production of the gene vaccine began – apparently – well before the results of the trials. Finally, Dr. Peter Doshi , scientist at the University of Maryland, on January 4, 2021 published in the British Medical Journal, as also reported by the New York Times, a study on Pfizer and Moderna vaccines which among other things reports the effectiveness from 19 to 29% and not 95% as they claimed. In short, doubts have even been raised about efficacy. But the biggest problem – in our opinion – concerns the safety of these "vaccines".

Who can now exclude that these "vaccines" cannot induce a non-specific inflammatory response to mRNA which increases the specific and immune response? We know that in the case of a viral infection that infects antibody-producing lymphocytes, new human proteins called transcription factors are synthesized. In other words, certain regions of the virus genome bind to the genome of human cells. This viral union with human transcription factors modifies the expression of nearby viral genes. It has recently been seen that a mechanism of activation of some associated human genes is put in place that predispose to the risk of autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases, type 1 diabetes , juvenile idiopathic arthritis and celiac disease. Furthermore, in subjects of childbearing age, messenger RNA could induce changes in spermatogonia or ova with prospects of genetic alterations in the fetuses that only time will be able to exclude. Isn't this the reason why this type of vaccine is not recommended for pregnant women, as well as pregnancy up to two months after its inoculation is not recommended? So why not advise against this drug not only for pregnant women but also for subjects of childbearing age?

Now, however, after what has happened in Norway these days it seems that there are also problems for the elderly. In Norway, efforts are being made to investigate the deaths of 23 elderly people who died after the "vaccine" against the coronavirus produced by Pfizer – BioNtech. Common side effects are presumed to contribute to worsening of serious conditions in older people. These deaths have meant that the Pfizer "vaccine" is no longer inoculated in Norway in "very fragile" elderly patients, evidently because there is a suspicion that the vaccine gives them the final blow. In the United States, too, there are already 55 deaths that have occurred after the use of vaccines that use messenger RNA.

Do we have to take all these risks in the face of a drug approved in a hurry, which at the moment is in fact imposed on us as the only vaccine, even if it is not really a vaccine? A vaccine invented by a small German biotechnology company, until yesterday with the accounts in red, which for some time without success worked on that RNA molecule for other purposes and which now thanks to the American Pfizer (second among the world Big Pharma) has transformed into the "viagra" of vaccines? A "vaccine" that guarantees a short individual immunity and which therefore must be repeated after about a year, and which among other things is not even able to prevent the vaccinated themselves from transmitting the virus? And again, because Italy has not produced its own inactivated virus or viral vector vaccine and instead we must become Pfizer's guinea pigs, with the risk, among other things, of not having the second dose of the vaccine within the prescribed times. indispensable for its effectiveness? Why not offer Italian citizens the opportunity to choose between a traditional vaccine and this new drug? Why would 25% of doctors or perhaps more – a survey by Alessandra Ghisleri would not be bad about it – wouldn't want to be Pfizer or Moderna ?

Another problem, highlighted by News Medicine , is instead linked to the mutated variants of Covid-19 which are appearing, as is natural, more than a year after the spread of the original virus. From what has been reported, the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine is much lower against the variant B.1.1.7, the highly contagious one already identified in South Africa, Brazil and in other 50 states . The professor. Ravindra Gupta of the University of Oxford made this specific observation but also pointed out that some coverage should be active. Vaccines as targeted as Pfizer and Moderna risk being over-targeted and therefore rendered useless by complex mutations of the virus.

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