Draghi Government: today and yesterday, parallels and differences

Mussolini came to power in October 1922, after a "scene" – according to the documents gathered in the book Unauthorized Biography of Benito Mussolini, by Marco Pizzuti – called March on Rome in which all the parties and all the institutions of the Republic were d agreement, from the Masons to the King, from the liberals to the popular, from the police headquarters to the military. All? No, except the Socialists and Communists, who represented the real target to be opposed by the newborn government. Which was the reason why Mussolini was supported not only by the Italian bourgeoisie and Freemasonry, but also by the British intelligence services.

We recall that he – unlike today's technicians – had entered Parliament regularly, voted, the year before thanks to the opening made to him by Giolitti who for the 1921 elections, thinking of controlling the Fasci, proposed him to enter the "Blocchi national ”together with the liberal lists.

Draghi came to power in February 2021, after a drama put in place by Renzi and a world coup called Covid – Certificate of Vaccination Identity Digitalization – for yet another "technical" government that is not elected (Monti, Letta, Gentiloni, Conte bis ) in which everyone agreed, from parties to the deep state, from Freemasons to the President of the Republic, from Forza Italia to the PD. All? No, except the sovereignists who represent the real objective to be opposed, the real reason why Draghi found support not only from Italian industrialists and Freemasonry, but also from the international one and their chancelleries.

The sovereigns increasingly divided as well as the communists of the time increasingly divided.

Then Mussolini – after the coup of the March on Rome – formed a team of ministers made up of 3 fascists (Justice, Finance, Lands Liberate), 2 popular (Treasury and Work), 2 military (War and Navy), 2 democrats (Public Works and of Industry and Commerce, 1 nationalist (Colonies), 1 demosocial (Poste), 1 liberal (Agriculture), 1 independent (Education: Giovanni Gentili).

But in 1924 he went to elections, in an attempt to normalize and parliamentarize fascism. (1)

Draghi forms a team whose only glue is to defeat sovereignty and lead us into the great reset, judging by Colao, former president of Vodafone and member of the Scientific Technical Committee (which had distinguished himself for the futurist vision of remote injection), put as Minister of Digital Transition. For the rest there are many "technicians" that is collaborators of finance, including the Director of the State Accounting Office, Daniele Franco, the speaker of the famous letter sent by Draghi as president of the ECB for the "coup" to Berlusconi with great clamor and protests of the then honorable Brunetta, satisfied today with a ministry to the public administration.

The reconfirmation of Lamorgese – that of full illegal immigration – as Minister of the Interior, when in 2017 they had won Lega and M5S precisely for their program to stop illegal immigration, fall like boulders on the heads of the voters. And what are Speranza and Di Maio doing on the board of the "super-competent" Draghi? Hope the non-doctor of Health to continue the line of WHO, Bill Gates, Rockefeller Foundation and World Economic Forum in the management of the covid in the Great Reset version, and Di Maio the undergraduate who does not know languages ​​and who has not lived anywhere else than in Italy in his province before going to Rome, a useful puppet pro the Silk Road, and pro China-Huawei to foreign countries. Was Giorgetti, at Economic Development, rewarded for having "against his will" proposed a balanced budget in Parliament?

Which Freemasonry is he accountable to?

Since 2011 we no longer have a government that expresses the vote of the citizens. Except for a fleeting year, we constantly find ourselves with an authoritarian regime called "technical".

At least Mussolini after two years of taking power had the decency to organize elections on April 6, 1924, after having passed a new electoral law (Acerbo law, majority with a single national college), to guarantee the opposition that it does not want to abolish the parliament. Not like today when one hears continually, through the mouths of eminent "democrats" "about the risk of the polls", since anyone who advocates "sovereign" ideas, currently little or nothing represented in the parliamentary parties (especially after this move: Meloni, sanctified by the Aspen Institute, and very favorable to toto vaccines, it is clear that it has become the controlled opposition).

Contrary to Mussolini, the "technicians", except for "accidents", have no intention of letting us go to the polls, and even when we did go there, as in 2018 – after seven years – the palace intrigues would try to avoid the " spectrum "of sovereignism with the sliding towards the technician thanks to the scrolling" wheel "of the piddini who have incorporated the former grillini sovereignists – crushing them, as expected – and who will make the League do the same end, if it does not take a step back, what which unfortunately it will not.

At the time of Mussolini, the great danger was the specter of Bolshevism which in Italy organized pickets and general strikes and guerrillas, and which in Russia led to the massacres of the Romanovs and the Kulaki, landowners who did not want to adapt to the cancellation of private property, and to the gulags.

Today the "great danger" instead is those who claim the articles of the Constitution, and sovereignty, those who demand legitimate human rights, increasingly dismantled, those who do not want to lose their jobs or homes, those who reject quarantine "camps", medical malpractice, those who repudiate the propaganda in place, who, finally, does not want to end up like the Kulaks.

Mussolini already had a shortlist of ministers ready before he was overwhelmed by the Matteotti crime (10 June 1924) organized by some fascist hierarchs, mostly Freemasons and businessmen, probably reclaimed by Sinclair Oil which was a subsidiary of Standard Oil (Rockefeller).

This crime was committed both to prevent the names of the corrupt from coming out, which the socialist deputy would have done to parliament, and to blame Mussolini for the crime in order to kill in the bud, once and for all, any ambition of government from an "historical compromise" ante litteram , if it is true that the non-fascist candidates he had in mind for his new government with the opposition consisted of (1):

“Giovanni Amendola, Liberal, Public Education; Ludovico D'Aragona, socialist, CGIL secretary, Labor; Bruno Buozzi, socialist, Fiom secretary, or Gino Baldesi, socialist trade unionist, Technical Ministry; Giulio Casalini, socialist doctor, Sanità, Ivanoe Bonomi, liberal and Emilio Caldara, former socialist mayor of Milan, Finance and Treasury; Rinaldo Rigola, socialist trade unionist, Ministry without wallets ”.

And then any undersecretaries:

"Argentina Altobelli, organizer workers in the bosses, Agriculture, Ettore Reina, socialist teacher, popular education, Felice Quaglino, masons union, Italian work abroad, Ludovico Caldara, Genoese socialist, port organizations."

It should be noted that in this government that was not, before the turn to the dictatorship, every minister, including those of the opposition, has the competence in life for which he is called to direct his sector, at the national level. Not like Spadafora, to name one among many – who, taking leave of the Minister of Sport, declared: "I didn't know this world."

Today, in a context of a full-fledged authoritarian regime, complete with curfews, fines, its absurd prohibitions, etc. that echo that regime, we are in a sort of fascism called "technical government", of which one even has the audacity to call dubiously "political" and whose main purpose is to annihilate any residue of sovereignty, the only real last obstacle in the highway that goes straight to the great reset, the one that is causing the loss of tens of millions of jobs in the world . The authoritarian fascist regime, in turn, carried out a large program all centered on work.

If a good morning starts in the morning, it has been seen that the tunnel is still long, since any hope of deviating from the pavement has collapsed, and today it is understood definitively, from the roster of characters that Draghi has put in government, who has been called not only for the Recovery Fund, but also for the Mes, certainly not to save the country, but to go to "collection", not only to "make debt", but to be liquidator, and liquidating us, go to the great reset , total digitization, no sport, tourism under the control of large digital platforms and culture in Franceschini. Expropriation of all public and private assets, zeroing of savings "in exchange" of a universal income granted only in digital form with digital license, digital app possibly digital sensor under the skin connected to the MSN cloud (see the sensor patented by Microsoft).

Failed businesses and businesses, in exchange for the green light of the grasshoppers hiding behind the owners of the multinationals, who will be able to dominate with the “widespread supermarket” in our beautiful historic villages whose entry will be subject to a digital license.

They have been vatican for years. Is there anyone?

Nforcheri 02/13/2021



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