Economic lockdowns to curb the bursting of the financial bubble?

Have the big creditors of the world of derivatives decided to deflate the world with economic lockdowns?

The world's sovereign debt represents 3 times the world GDP, while the financial bubble of various derivatives, toxic securities by definition, represents 50 times the world GDP.

What do you say, the creditors will have foreseen in time that there would be a problem of collection, debt maintenance, stability of toxic, stranded and arrears securities?

Couldn't they have organized themselves to deflate the world in anticipation of building the transition to the fourth industrial revolution, "green" so to speak and "digital" literally? 01/06 / bank-bubble-burst /

Important warning: when I say "pantomime" I do not mean that the virus does not exist or has not existed or has not changed, I mean the instrumental use made of it, exhibiting suspicious or doubtful data, based on fallacious tools such as swabs, and all the inconsistencies of this pandemic context instrumental to the great reset

We are in the game: "Fuck or are you screwed". Forcheri

The exception, NF

The game and the cheater

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