Electric bus spontaneously catches fire in Paris.

Electric public transport? Nice, but a little too "hot". An electric bus from French public transport operator RATP catches fire by itself and burns completely, with dozens of firefighters attempting to put out the fire in central Paris. All this happened, captured by cameras and passers-by, last Friday and it happened within a few minutes. Fortunately, the bus, produced by Bolloré SA, was not overly crowded and passengers were able to leave the bus quickly, so there were no deaths or serious injuries, if we do not consider the confidence in electric public transport. Here is the impressive video of the fire.

“The bus driver immediately evacuated all passengers. Nobody was hurt, ”RATP told AFP . City firefighters said the fire required 30 firefighters to extinguish.

It is not the first time that one of these buses has caught fire. On April 4, in central Paris, another bus experienced a similar explosion.

There were no injuries in either incident. The video is shocking because it shows how it only takes a few seconds for lithium batteries to ignite, worse than if the vehicle was powered by diesel fuel! Furthermore, the type of fire is very different from that of an internal combustion engine, with much higher temperatures.

It takes +20 tons of water to extinguish a fire in a Tesla vehicle battery. A combustion engine needs, on average, 3 tons of water to be extinguished.

If nothing else, it's not just the Teslas or the buses in Rome that catch fire. Then the electric motors are "Safe and environmentally friendly", of course, just believe it !!!!

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