Emilia Romagna: “Separate carriages for vaccinated and unvaccinated”. Welcome to the segregationist region

How does racism start? How did Nazism start? With people who “For the common good” try to isolate others who, in their view, are a detriment to society. So these "bad guys", perhaps by birth, are deprived of their civil rights, perhaps even political ones, and then, step by step, they take everything away.

The councilor, ironically for culture, of the Emilia Romagna region, Marco Felicori , in a post on Facebook, wrote this:

I have already taken a firm stance in favor of a strict application of the Green Pass. But I must give some clarification: first of all in this eventual norm we must not only see the prohibitions, but also the opportunities. In the cultural field, the way would be opened for the abolition of distancing in theaters and cinemas, which today halves the available seats, making their management unsustainable. Secondly, having as its objective the health and not the mortification of the refractory, it could be applied in a variable way: for example in the train by dividing the carriages , as it once was for smokers. And if bars and restaurants remain out of any provision, as I fear, the owners who want it should at least be authorized to choose the “compulsory Green Pass” formula, which in my opinion would increase the number of customers, at least in restaurants. However, it is time for the world of culture, which has mostly accepted without reactions the excesses of limitations on the life of museums, cinemas, theaters and libraries, to apply to the problem: we are in summer and good weather helps, but the 2021 seasons / 22 in October begin.

Therefore, according to the commissioner, we will have "vaccinated wagons" and "unvaccinated wagons", perhaps a little smelly as often were those once reserved for smokers. Given that he agrees with Macron, maybe one day we will turn off their heating or air conditioning: why waste precious "green" energy on certain scum. Indeed, they could all be concentrated in one place, so that they do not harm anyone and are convinced that they are wrong. Maybe a field. Reading the post I remembered another Minister of Culture, popular, from 1935… here is the place

But the kind and certainly egalitarian, councilor for "Culture" of Emilia Romagna also refers to this post by a Massimiliano tonelli who studied communication and who, obviously, deals with art and the "Gambero Rosso", the perfect profile of the Piddino ZTL :

No, I disagree on the mandatory vaccine!
Come on, it is unthinkable that a liberal country obliges adult citizens in perfect health to take a drug in an emergency. That's not the way. And yet there is a way to avoid an autumn that promises to be even worse than the past one.
The road: Are you 12 or older? Can you get vaccinated because you have no contraindications but decide not to? Very free. However. You cannot go to bars, restaurants, hotels, gyms. You cannot enter any shop. You cannot get on trains, trams, buses, taxis. Go on foot or by bike. You cannot go to the cinema, to the library, to the theater, you cannot enter a museum. You can't go to work: if your company is equipped it can make you work from home, vice versa you put yourself on leave until you get your green pass. Same goes for school: dad, if activated. Otherwise the year is lost and it will be repeated.
The controls are a bit complex, but it is only a matter of a few months of sacrifice. Anyway, the other day in Venice I was at a dinner in a famous hotel and access was allowed only to green pass holders and the check was quick and immediate. It is a simple QR or barcode. It scans automatically or can be controlled via a simple app downloadable by any merchant and retailer. The protests of restaurateurs are unheard of: perhaps they forget that they are "public establishments" and this has a very specific meaning.
As has often happened in the modern history of the West, France shows the way to brilliantly overcome the problem of the moment. So there is nothing to do but copy and even if possible strengthen those rules. The point is, we need to hurry, very, very quickly. It surprises and worries me a lot to see that Emmanuel Macron's strategy has generated millions of new vaccine bookings and that we have not copied it two hours later and that we are still in the debate, the controversy, the protests. The road is there.
Do you see Hypocrisy? Yesterday Claudio Borghi said, rightly, that if you want the mandatory vaccine, you should propose it in parliament, as required by law, and approve it. However, at that point, no one has to sign the "Informed Consent" and someone has to answer, civilly and criminally, for any damage caused. Do you remember the former Minister of Health De Lorenzo and the story of infected blood almost thirty years ago? Instead the new piddini want to be smart, they: there is no obligation, but if you don't get vaccinated you lose your job, you can't leave the house, maybe I'll concentrate in one place, in a nice field with many shacks.
Here is the second post

I have no problem writing that I am vaccinated. I made a personal choice, linked to a series of factors, but as I said, perfectly personal. Just as I don't impose my musical tastes on anyone, I wouldn't impose such a choice either. If there are "wagons for unvaccinated" I will have no problem entering them and without any fear. If, on the other hand, a restaurant will only allow those with the green pass to enter, it will mean that I will eat once more at home. I am also learning to cook discreetly….

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