Erdogan humiliates Von Der Leyen and leaves her … standing. Whoever becomes a Turk if he eats it …

A high-level EU 'reconciliation' meeting with Turkey did not go so well. The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, and the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, met with Erdogan in which they had to confirm that human rights are "non-negotiable".

Despite the usual rigmarole of “Positive” press releases, the meeting ended with a strong humiliation for Ursula von der Leyen which shows the true state in which the European Union is considered internationally.

Once in the meeting room, President Erdogan sat next to President Michel. Von Der Leyen remained … standing, there was no chair for her. Ehmmm where do I sit?

In the end she had to sit on a (large and comfortable) sofa in front of the foreign minister, who, in the mind of the Commission, has a lower qualification.

It was not clear whether the irritation was also towards Michel who, not very gallant, immediately took the only chair available.

Undaunted, Michel took his seat immediately to Erdogan's right with von der Leyen on the left confined to a distant sofa and eventually sidelined in conversation (or so we can assume).

So only Michel and Erdogan sitting in front of the EU and Turkish flags for the usual photos, leaving Von Der Leyen in the background.

The defenders of Erdogan have stated that it was a problem of distancing during Covid-19, but according to others it was instead the patriarchal, indeed male-dominated, political vision of Erdogan, a strongly conservative Muslim.

naturally then, in the official communiqués, Von Der Leyen defined the meeting as cordial, confirming its ability to be a lamb, always ready to be eaten by the wolf, when the wolf is sufficiently aggressive. With the ballast of a Germany that is increasingly influenced by the Turkish community, which is very powerful in the country, there can be no correct external policy towards Ankara. Then humiliating the Commission is too easy a game also because, at the mercy of its own economic interests and a thousand lobbies, it is unable to take a position towards anything.

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The Erdogan article humiliates Von Der Leyen and leaves her … standing. Whoever makes the turkish lamb eats it … comes from .

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