“Face of Tolla” Award: Trudeau forces Canadians to wear masks, then doesn’t give a damn to travel on a private jet

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who wanted Canadians to have masks on airplanes to remain mandatory, was filmed with his entire family as he stepped off a private jet without wearing a mask.

Canada remains one of fewer and fewer Western governments requiring the use of face masks on flights, while the United States ditched the rule nearly four months ago. Italy requires it on trains, one of the most annoying, illogical and harmful moves for a country that would like to be the home of tourism.

When a Florida judge rejected the US version of the law, Trudeau's government insisted that face masks would still be required on Canadian airlines and flights departing or arriving in Canada.

The rule in canada obviously applies to everyone, except Justin Trudeau himself and his family, as you can see from this video.

A video showing Trudeau and his family disembarking from a private jet after arriving in Costa Rica shows that none of those on board are wearing a face mask.

The daughter even seems to sneeze a couple of times: will she have attacked the covid-19 at all? Here, too, Trudeau shakes everyone's hand. He also goes on vacation to Costa Rica with his personal jet: but isn't there the problem of CO2 emissions, of “Climate change” etc? Can he care?

Last month, during a photo shoot aboard a steam train in Okanagan, BC, the Canadian leader "was conspicuously maskless shaking hands" with other passengers. Although the historic train was not subject to federal transportation regulations, Trudeau was still criticized for failing to meet the standards he expects of others.

Because remember that the rules are made by the elites, but they apply to the people. They are superior.

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