Fascist gates and open falsehoods: we will not be able to have a healthy society if not by re-founding media that do their job

The situation of the Italian press, or of the media in general, has reached peaks of ridicule never seen at the beginning of this electoral campaign. They have to support a failed and frankly hated bureaucratic political system in the country, and in doing so, I reach peaks of flattery that are now funny.

For example today Berizzi, republic, gives us this pearl:

Frankly, who cares if a person in Codroipo wanted to reproduce Benito's profile on his home gate, and even less who cares if this gate is 20 km from Udine, home to the National Acrobatic Team. Only a person who has very unclear ideas can see a connection between these things, but by now the Italian newspapers, especially the DEGI group, seem well filled with such characters. If I had reproduced the profile of Mao, would we have had to fear a Chinese Communist infiltration and that the PAN was in the hands of Beijing? If he had reproduced Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, did we have to worry that aviation was in the hands of an Aztec cult that practiced human sacrifice?

But now the slope is that, indeed we see a continuous worsening of the situation. The Press has gone from publishing a world-class fake, condaning the Russian attacks by putting on the front page, the damage of the Ukrainian attacks without even taking the opportunity then to apologize and play some collaborators with still a pinch of seriousness, to the scoop of the past few days on the basis of a summary of information that attacked the League for any contacts with Moscow, then blatantly denied by the undersecretary with delegation to the Secret Services Gabrielli and without being able to say if this tissue was passed by Mickey Mouse, by a foreign secret service or some manipulated Italian fake beard. An operation of pure disinformation that made even Labor smile, but which is now typical of information.

First of all, it is necessary to cut the umbilical cord between public, state or European funding, and the press: it must be clear what is a widespread aid to communication, truly open to all, and what is instead the payment of communication, which is brought behind, obviously, the contents to be communicated. Because, amid the decline in readers and the increasing weight of funding for national and European advertising and communication campaigns, these bodies have increasingly transformed from information to propaganda. So there is a big empty space, that of making true and normal information. The one that in Italy, apart from a few exceptions, is completely missing.

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