Fedez? Trivial “Mass Distraction Tool”. We are talking about “Hungary” and the invasion of migrants

I'm only going to waste five minutes talking about what Fedez did, simply because it's just a mass distraction tool. His banal and insane controversy, in which he accused people who I think will sue him, was artfully created to hide everything from the three real news of the day about Italy. Here they are and, above all, spread them:

  • The scandal of the Hungarian Lodge: to say that it is a serious and serious thing it would be enough to say that the megaphone of the militant judiciary, labor, refused to talk about it. Taking the Reformist instead, who gave ample space to the news, Hungary is " A super secret lodge composed of magistrates, senior officers of the Carabinieri and the financial police, professionals and entrepreneurs to condition appointments in the judiciary and in public offices ". After the Palamara scandal, in this case they are the verbai of the lawyer Paolo Amara, known in the news for his ties with ENI, from which he would have received 80 million to shut up, and who in interrogations would reveal everything about this secret association for external control of the judiciary which would involve its top management. Something not dirty, more, that if it had happened in the 70s – 80s of the last century, it would have taken pages from L'Espresso, but which today hardly needs to be mentioned in order not to disturb the Conductor. But today there is Fedez;
  • Today, at least 700 migrants are arriving in Italy on various boats. There will probably be even more. thanks to the politics of the PD-led government, if we continue with this step, we will find 350,000 more irregular immigrants in Italy. We are the European immigration dump, but you won't hear this in the media, because they have to talk about Fedez.
  • The lockdown and curfew cost the Italian economy 500 million a day, but this news disappeared from the media due to the Fedez speech. Yet this is work, and the serious one., Eprò who cares about work, others, on Labor Day. the important thing is the money, by Fedez.

Fedez's fault is not that of having said nonsense: he is agitated for being banal and falsely provocative. His fault is to have removed the attention from the real Italian warmers. The punishment: not caring about fedez, not watching his shows, not buying the products of the award-winning firm ferragnez. You will live VERY WELL and you will have a much fuller wallet, to spend better.

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