“Flying should no longer be part of children’s dreams”. Here you have served the green estemism of the mayor of Poitiers and what awaits us

According to the Green Mayor of Poitiers (EELV), Léonore Moncond “ Flying should no longer be part of our children's dreams” . So he responded to grant applications from two aero clubs that regularly received help from the municipality to maintain schools and flying surfaces.

According to Mayor Verde, the time has come to call the spending of public money to responsibility, so he has decided to remove any subsidy to sports or activities that include the use of motor vehicles. So no help for the aeroclubs, no flying lessons for kids, no chance, who knows, to get passionate about flying and, thin, make it a future. Let young people learn to plant flowers, recycle waste and collect manure.

The mayor's attitude makes us understand well what a “Green” government means and you will understand it very soon as soon as you pay your future “decarbonised” electricity bills. the quality of life must be reduced in order to meet the green maximalist dictates that France has, up to now, strictly supported, except then forget about them when other interests are at stake.

For example, Macron then provided Air France 4 billion in non-repayable public grants, becoming the largest shareholder with over 30% of the shares. Certainly the Airbuses, another European aeronautical product, are much more polluting than the small single-engine aircraft of flight schools, but it doesn't count for anything. Children no longer have to dream of flying, period.

Who knows what Antoine de Saint Exupery, the great aviator and well-known author of “The Little Prince”, will think from the other side. Children can no longer even dream …

… And who knows what the workers of the French aeronautical sector will say, 200,000, of which 100,000 in the Poitiers region, Occitania, for which the government has launched an emergency program?

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