Food Insecurity: in China they harvest wheat that is still green. What will they eat?

Bloomberg reports that the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture is very concerned that farmers are cutting unripe wheat for use as hay and thus decreasing the availability of grains for human consumption.

The ministry said this occurs three weeks before the harvests, adding that the crop was subject to devastating floods late last year. There is also concern that the conditions of soggy fields in southern China due to abnormal rainfall may affect farmers' ability to harvest.

Melbourne-based Thomas Elder Markets analyst Andrew Whitelaw said it's not surprising that farmers cut grain for hay early, as this may be the best way to make some profit, given that the quality of the crop is very bad. "If China has a poor harvest this season, then it will likely have to continue with a strong import program … this raises questions about its plans for China's food security," Whitelaw said, adding that the country has increased imports. of wheat this year.

Here are some videos of Chinese trucks loaded with unripe wheat that will be used as animal feed instead of flour for human consumption.

The situation in China adds to concerns about grain production in Ukraine and the difficulty in exporting them, Russia's inability to ship the harvest to "hostile" countries, India's threats of grain export bans due to bad weather and planting problems in the northern plains of the United States and Canada due to humid conditions. Under these conditions, wheat prices remain close to the highs of recent years.

Food security is therefore seriously threatened and crises and riots due to lack of food are increasingly likely to occur, as is happening in Sri Lanka.

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