France: Rassemblement National calls for an end to sanctions on Russia. They are not needed

Does it make sense to continue with the sanctions on Russia? If the primary objective of these economic measures is to ban Moscow from the international community and harm the aggressor country economically, there are some European political leaders who are beginning to have strong doubts about their effectiveness. In France, Laurent Jacobelli, deputy and spokesperson for the Rassemblement National of Marine Le Pen, did not hide his strong doubts about the measure in an interview on FranceInfo:

The French politician said: " I have the impression that Russia is not doing so badly" , and recalled that " the ruble has strengthened and Russian exports are on the rise" . On the other hand, Laurent Jacobelli continued, “ the French are paying a high price in terms of energy costs” . Even more simply, the RN deputy asked the question: “ Do sanctions work or not? ”A question to which Laurent Jacobelli and the RN respond negatively.

Jacobelli also underlined how the RN measures regarding immigration and inflation are shared by three quarters of the French, so it is quite clear that, at the next electoral round, it will be up to the Rassemblement to lead the country.

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