From Atlantis to the Moon. Climate change overcome by humanity with enthusiasm (by Silvio ceci and Marco Marino)

The submerged ruins of Atlandite, discovered off the island of Bimini (Bahamas), consist of rectangular blocks of which it is impossible to say that they are the work of nature, since it has never made a stone with right-angled edges, let alone rows of blocks with edges at 90 degrees each.
It was then hypothesized that those blocks were nothing more than the ruins of Plato's Atlantis or Aztlan (Mexico) of which the Mayans and Aztecs speak. But the mysteries don't end there.
In fact, in 2001 off Capo Sant'Antonio (Cuba), other submerged ruins were discovered – with inexplicable origins – very similar to the submarine remains of Mu off the Japanese island of Jonaguni near the coasts of the island of Taiwan.
It should be emphasized that 12 thousand years ago the sea level was hundreds of meters lower, so much so that Sicily together with Malta was united with Italy, as well as Crete with Greece. Sardinia and Corsica were a single island, while the entire Mediterranean Sea was – with Morocco and Spain united by the mainland – a closed sea like the Caspian Sea is today.
All this has failed with the climate change that has melted the prehistoric glaciers, thus raising the sea level to the point that the waters of the Atlantic Ocean have poured into the Mediterranean Sea.
What has caused this global warming? Most likely a cataclysm like the one that caused the collapse of the current submerged ruins off the coast of Cuba. The scientist Alexander Tollmann of the University of Vienna illustrated the effects of the fall on earth of a meteorite, which breaking into several fragments caused the sea ​​rise and consequently the planetary temperature.
The famous Blue Holes in the Caribbean Sea are still visible today, as well as the Green Holes in the United States, all probable consequences of a celestial impact on the globe.
A comet as the bringer of death and destruction is depicted on the 12,000-year-old ruins of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey near the Syrian border.
What message do we get from the climate change caused by the end of Mu and Atlantis? Humanity has always survived because men always adapt.
With the new climate change caused by the current atmospheric overheating, most likely the Milanese products will no longer be embarked in Genoa on the ships that cross the sea routes passing through the Suez Canal to China and Australia and Japan and New Zealand, but in the ports of Rotterdam and Hamburg on ships bound for the Pacific Ocean through the new routes passing through the North Pole (free of ice in the next few years) and the Bering Strait to Tokyo and Hong Kong and Vladivostok and Sidney and Auckland and Melbourne.
The Suez Canal will in the future be indispensable only for the shipping routes of merchant ships loaded with Italian products bound for the markets of South Africa and India. For this reason, it would be useful to develop Milan's trade with African countries by making De Gasperi's law of 1951 operational – until now disapplied – which established the free port of Messina to process the raw materials of African countries. In the new scenario determined by climate change, the construction of the bridge over the Strait of Messina would also be indispensable in order to embark Milanese goods in the Sicilian port of Augusta, modern and closer to the Suez Canal.
Human beings always find solutions with crises. On the other hand, the word "crisis" in Greek means a break with new choices and there is no doubt that the problems caused by climate change will entail choices of epochal significance.
And in the context of these revolutionary changes we cannot also exclude the colonization of the moon where, in the not too distant future, industries that threaten the environmental balance can be transferred. For this reason, the permanence and strengthening of the European Union is indispensable, which, with its European Space Agency, can carry out such colonization programs that require enormous economic efforts that would be unsustainable for the individual countries of the Union.

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