G7 in Munich: they count so little that even the demonstrators no longer care

Germany takes the lead of the G7, but nobody cares about it. The G7 looks like a retired ARCI club, where former powers meet that once were something, and who now pass the time under the illusion that they still are. A bit like Prodi, who now goes to preach on TV thinking he is still something, but who, after having undone Italy and having flirted with everyone a bit. now it doesn't matter anymore.

The G7 now counts so little that even the counter demonstrations, organized by the usual fake alternative organizations, such as WWF, Attac and other "Environmentalist" organizations, have flopped. A colossal flop : the police expected 20,000 people, in the end only 3,500 arrived. In the end, four cats, who staged a ridiculous demonstration "Because there is a climate crisis, because the extinction of the species is risked ”And the other amenities that have now become banal.

After all, what sense does it make to demonstrate to a group of people who, on the one hand are the foragers of these organizations, on the other hand, no longer count for anything. Biden is in big trouble dealing with inflation. Johnson is in trouble for the economy, but also for internal problems, with half a party rebelling against him, amid scandals and electoral flops. Scholz, who is not Merkel, is leading a contradictory majority and an economy close to recession and de-industrialization. Macron has lost the legislative, he governs, but he no longer reigns as before. Draghi is a bankruptcy manager of Italy put by others. Only Trudeau and Kishida are steadfast in the saddle, with economic problems too, even if secondary to those in the US.

At the end of the G7 nobody cares about anything: it is enough to know the confused decisions of the American presidency to get an idea of ​​what is happening elsewhere. meanwhile, the EU is only an executor: even if Germany, France and Italy wanted to do something different, a remote controlled Von Der Leyen from the Dems would arrive and put them back in line. So the G7 is fine for photos and, maybe, a nice beer, but politically it doesn't matter, absolutely nothing.

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