GREEN SCANDAL: GAZPROM paid almost 200 million to the Climate Foundation to condition the energy policy!

How to become the quasi monopolist in energy supply in Germany? Paying for politics and especially those who claimed to protect the environment. As revealed today Die Welt Gazprom, the company that takes care of the supply of Russian gas to the West, has paid almost 200 million to the German Climate Foundation, an environmental association controlled by the SPD politician Manuela Schwesig, who is also president of the Land of Mecklenburg. -Vorpommern. All this money was transformed into rivulets that went to dozens of companies and suppliers of the foundation, paying for the association's events and communication activities.

Gazprom clearly justified these multimillion-dollar loans by stating that it was money intended to gain popular support to terminate the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, currently blocked after the invasion of Ukraine. These data were provided by the Climate Foundation itself to the editorial staff of Welt, but among these numbers there is no information relating to 15 million dollars destined for the “independent party” of the foundation, whose expenses have instead remained confidential.

So with about 200 million euros the Kremlin bought German politics, especially that of the SPD and environmentalists, influencing their choices and making good and bad weather. Indirectly, this money also ended up influencing the entire European energy policy: in fact it is known that nothing moves in Brussels that the Germans do not want and, above all, that the SPD does not want. In your opinion, with 200 million paid to one of its foundations, the German SPD was not influenced?

So, in the end, we discover that the Northern European environmental policy, that of the good, of the ethics, of those who want to save the world from overheating, has been paid for by Putin to sell us more gas. Among other things, at the balance price, given the figures involved.

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