Greens, with your money: the Semaforo government cancels ecological bonuses for homes. The Germans will pay for the transition out of their own pocket

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Ecology and austerity can be combined: yes, if the pockets of German citizens pay for the mix. As Welt tells us, the “Semaforo” government, ie Greens + Social Democrats + Liberals, has suddenly and unexpectedly canceled all financial support for the green conversion of residential properties . From one day to the next, many families and businesses that were counting on those help to build an ecological house, but above all a house, found themselves with a handful of flies in their hands.

The government has succeeded in a feat previously achieved only by the worst Italian governments: it has managed to disappoint everyone in one fell swoop. First, the investors and the construction industry, the energy consultants and the real estate lenders, who had planned the growth of the real estate sector on the basis of this aid and who now literally risk bankruptcy, leaving real estate projects unfinished, with Hayek he will be smiling thinking about his own concept of "Malivestment". So even voters who are deluded by the programs they talked about, "Construction and housing of the future" "economic and climate neutral" now see only costly obligations that many families will hardly be able to fulfill. because Deputy Chancellor Habeck was clear: energy saving objectives have not disappeared with funding, but have simply become obligations that fall on the shoulders of citizens and builders.

The whole German energy policy of the green government is becoming just that: the Green government makes a shopping list, and someone else pays the bill . Once the contributions for the house have disappeared, those for the conversion of power plants have disappeared or reduced, there are only a lot of expenses and costs to be faced. With the difference that there is a risk of a real estate crash: on the one hand, citizens will have fewer habitable houses, on the other, companies will not be able to build them. All poorer and more beggars, but green.

PS: think of Germany when you evaluate the renovation with 110% Italian ..

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The Verdi article, with your money: the Semaforo government cancels ecological bonuses for homes. The Germans will pay the transition out of their own pocket . It comes from .

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