Here is the robot that collects fruit 24 hours a day. What will low-skilled immigrants do?

What you can see in the images and video attached here is the latest product from Tevel aerobotics, an Israeli company that has been developing robotic technologies in the agricultural sector for some time.

The result of the project, which has been extensively funded with tens of millions of dollars and which already has potential customers from Australia to the Far East, is to be able to provide a technology that can be practically used to harvest, 24 hours a day, exactly the fruit. when it is established that it is mature, without the participation of human workforce, except in the setting phases. This Robot won the award as Best Field Robot Concept 2020 and continues on the path of "Precision farming", in which AI and robotics allow to minimize costs and the use of pesticides with technology. Here is a video on how it works

According to its creators, the Robot, with the collection system, will be rented to the various producers during the harvesting season, but, as happened with the other machines, it is only a matter of time before the solution is within the reach of all the pockets. companies.

One of the classic affirmations of the left ZTL, that of the various Gassmans etc, is that we need immigrants because otherwise “Who would pick our tomatoes”. The answer is simple: the machines. Indeed, the fact of encouraging the immigration of unskilled people is laying the foundations for a colossal social and economic crisis: what will we do when AI and robotics have displaced unskilled jobs? But Gassman doesn't ask himself this question …

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