How many vaccinated nurses have been infected with Covid? An interview with a trade unionist opens a discussion

Antonio De Palma, president of Nursing -Up , opens a very lively discussion with an interview with Radio Cusano on how many nurses, vaccinated, are getting sick from Covid-19. let's see his words:

The data of the Istituto Superiore della Sanità are irrefutable and cannot be dangerously hidden. 1848 health workers infected in the last 30 days: worrying numbers, considering that 17 months have passed since the beginning of the pandemic, and 70% of Italians, obviously including nurses and doctors, were subjected to the two doses of anti- Covid. What happen? Of course we are not alone faced with the all too underestimated problem of the non-total effectiveness of vaccines. We nurses knew it when we decided to consciously undergo mass administration. The citizens were and are aware of it. But don't tell us, faced with the explosion of variants, that everything is under control and that we should have expected it.

We want to understand to what extent the already vaccinated nurses are getting sick again, we want to know if this surge in cases has been taken into consideration by the supervisory bodies in order to evaluate the real effectiveness of the vaccine. In short, if in such a restricted context, namely that of Italian hospitals, where the risk of encountering the virus is higher, in just one month the number of new healthcare workers infected jumped to 2000 despite all the prevention rules applied today, from masks to overalls and everything else, what would happen to normal vaccinated citizens, if there was a resurgence of pervasiveness of Sars-Cov 2, and therefore if the virus returned to circulate, even for a short time, in schools, offices or in Italian public places where there is not the same level of use of prevention tools as is the case in hospitals?

Naturally, the union refers above all to the recent cases that broke out in Lazio which saw the nurses involved as suspected means of spreading the virus. Indeed, it would be necessary to have complete national data, in order to really know how many and what cases of vaccinated people have been infected, both for a statistical question, to know the spread, but also to know what the prognosis and the course were .

If a trade union has difficulty in accessing data, think about how citizens can access it, even those with appropriate scientific knowledge, perhaps in statistics. The fact that excessive reserve is maintained gives rise to the worst doubts.

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