How to best manage all Ecobonus practices

With the Relaunch Decree, the new concessions for the Ecobonus 2021 were confirmed, a package of measures aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing polluting emissions.

The most important incentives concern the energy requalification of buildings , with a series of interventions covered by progressive personal income tax deductions from 50% up to a maximum of 110%, if the work guarantees the improvement of two energy classes.

In particular, with the Budget Law 2021, the 110% Superbonus has been strengthened , with the possibility for individuals, condominiums, public housing, NGOs and housing cooperatives to take advantage of a tax relief of up to 110% of the eligible expenditure.

In addition, the option has been extended to convert the personal income tax deduction into a discount into an invoice or tax credit , available for all jobs covered by the Ecobonus concessions.

The new incentives are driving requests for building renovations, however to benefit from the tax advantages it is necessary to manage all the paperwork required by law.

For companies, professionals and accountants this is a considerable commitment, in fact to support customers in obtaining the relief it is essential to comply with the procedures indicated by the provisions, from the feasibility study to the sworn statements , essential to access the tax deductions and possibly transform the reimbursement. in assignment of credit.

How to optimize the processes related to the 2021 Ecobonus

The increasing demand for energy redevelopment works in buildings, favored by generous public subsidies, requires a functional management of all the procedures necessary for access to the Ecobonus 2021 incentives.

An effective solution to simplify these activities consists in the use of specific programs , applications designed specifically to facilitate the fulfillment of legal obligations and all related services.

For example, with the TeamSystem software for Ecobonus practices it is possible to quickly and easily coordinate all the formalities, using a single program to manage all the practices.

The range of cloud platforms includes applications and services for condominium administrators, CAFs and accountants, including solutions aimed at technical firms, builders and construction companies. With the Incassa Subito service of TeamSystem Digital Finance, on the other hand, companies can sell the tax credit and obtain immediate liquidity.

In this way it is possible to make the design process more efficient , from the feasibility check to the issue of the Energy Performance Certificate for sending to Enea.

The first step to take is the feasibility study , a preliminary check necessary to ascertain the presence of the technical requirements and the possibility of taking advantage of the Ecobonus benefits. This process requires first of all the analysis of the cadastral, building and urban planning compatibility of the building.

After that, it is necessary to verify the presence of a suitable heating system and the legal and fiscal adequacy of the clients. Subsequently, it is necessary to identify the eligible interventions , to finally proceed with the development of the preliminary project, an operation divided into various steps including the drafting of the EPA .

This particularly structured process involves the contribution of various professional figures, a collaboration that, through specific software, can be managed in a faster and simpler way, thanks to the sharing of information and customizable access systems.

Certification for the assignment of credit and the discount on the invoice

A fundamental step in the interventions that fall under the Ecobonus concerns the sworn translations , i.e. all those documents issued by the technician responsible for the mandatory work for access to tax deductions.

Naturally, the procedure can be managed digitally , through the Enea online portal, by sending all the required certifications within 90 days from the end of the work. The rules also indicate the possibility of registering the documents not only at the end of the intervention, but also for the progress of the work in the intermediate steps of 30% and 60%.

To do this, you need to create an account as a sworn auditor on the Enea portal, available as soon as possible for qualified technicians and in possession of valid insurance for the 110% Superbonus, and then upload the pre and post-intervention APE PDF files and the metric calculation of the works carried out.

This process can also be simplified by using a specific management software , facilitating the sworn certification of the works to speed up the confirmation of tax concessions, in order to guarantee greater efficiency and safety in the conversion of the deduction into the transfer of the tax credit.

The correctness of the bureaucratic procedures is essential to ensure a streamlined and unhindered process , avoiding delays and problems in obtaining transferable credit.

If all the process is successful, you can finally choose whether to present the credit to the Revenue Agency to receive the reimbursement in 5 annual installments, or contact an intermediary to acquire immediate liquidity and transfer the transferable credit , depending on the financial and operational needs related to your business.

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