How to show Russia that NATO is not dangerous? Carrying out large military maneuvers a few kilometers from the border

US Marine corp

How do you make a paranoid country quiet and safe? Simple, by making great military maneuvers on its borders …

North Atlantic Treaty Organization will soon conduct large-scale exercises in the Baltic states, with thousands of troops from more than a dozen nations taking part in war games just 60 kilometers from the nearest Russian military base.

Dubbed the “HedgeHog” “Hedgehog”, the drills will begin this week in Estonia and run until June 3, with the aim of simulating a Russian invasion. They will involve 15,000 troops from 14 countries, including the United States, Great Britain, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Norway, as well as non-NATO Ukraine, Georgia, Sweden and Finland. The exercise will take place just 60 km from a Russian military base, a facility that houses the 76th Moscow Guards Air Assault Division in the border town of Pskov. She could almost go ask him to do joint exercises if we weren't on the brink of war.

Although the exercises were planned ahead of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, they will no doubt serve as a further show of strength as NATO members flood the Ukrainian battlefield with billions of dollars in weapons and equipment.

The drills come as US lawmakers carry out a massive $ 40 billion aid package for Kiev, about half of which will go to arms shipments. That bill follows over $ 14 billion in aid already delivered or authorized by the US government.

The Hedgehog exercise will also overlap two major NATO and Allied military exercises currently underway in the region, Defender Europe and Swift Response, which together involve approximately 18,000 soldiers from 20 countries.

Major General Palm noted that Hedgehog would have included more attendees than originally planned due to the war in Ukraine, although he declined to go into detail on how many Ukrainian and Georgian troops would take part. "I would like not to go into details, but we are talking about a few people, not tens or hundreds of people",.

I try that having a few tens of thousands of soldiers constantly training a few kilometers from the Russian borders must be considered an element of reassurance in relations between NATO and Russia. I hope you catch the irony of these words of mine …

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