If Oliver Stone is also in favor of nuclear power …

Oliver Stone has always been a person who was not afraid of his own ideas. Not many may know that the director of Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July is a Vietnam veteran, wounded twice in combat and highly decorated. His positions were often heterodox and he went from Salvador, to Wall Street, to the biography of Nixon, demonstrating a great flexibility and an unquestionable artistic taste.

In Venice he presented his docufilm Nuclear, where he threw himself into an as yet unexplored field: a documentary in favor of nuclear energy. We imagine his stance strongly in favor of atomic energy will spark a lot of controversy, but Stone is not afraid to address them, as he clearly states in the presentation on Facebook:

This is an energy that will not only save the planet but allow us to thrive on it. And while it has long been considered dangerous in popular culture, it is, in fact, much safer than coal, oil and gas. The documentary, at 1 hour-45 minutes, goes into detail but does not sink into all the petty arguments that the anti-nuclear crowd throws at him. Renewables like wind and solar work to a limited extent, but by now we should know they don't come close to solving the problem on their own – which is why fossil fuel companies support renewables. Because they inevitably require large quantities of methane gas to ensure their reliability.

I admit I'm quite curious to see it. For once, the media will offer us a slightly different product.

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