“Infernal noise” from the Vatican apartment in London …

The Vatican apartment in London, the one at the center of the Archbishop Becciu scandal, has been the subject of controversy over the amount of "hellish noise" coming from the unit late at night.

The £ 30,000-a-week luxury apartment in question is located on Hans Place in Chelsea, a luxurious area practically opposite the Danish embassy, ​​and was the subject of complaints this week for being the site of "noisy events". The 836 square meter apartment has been home to major events with the participation of DJs and loud music and this has led to complaints at the local municipal assembly.

The property was purchased in 2014 by Cardinal Angelo Becciu, currently under close surveillance and investigation in the Vatican, after being accused of very serious financial crimes. Currently the Cardinal has been indicted by the Vatican justice for financial embezzlement related to his management, with charges of fraud, embezzlement and abuse of power.

Other investments overseen by Becciu have been “under increasing international scrutiny due to the allegations brought against him,” reports FT . The London apartment, and other properties, are held by fictitious Jersey companies through a Vatican unit in charge of "charitable donations to the poor and needy."

A local resident told the Financial Times that "the people on the property organized noisy parties and social gatherings," including parties that took place early in the morning. As a result, the neighbors filed various complaints.

One of these residents' complaints cited "hellish noise" coming from the property. Another tried to go straight to the source: "I wrote to the apostolic nuncio (the Vatican ambassador), but he did nothing about it."

"With the restrictions lifted, hopefully people will be able to party in night clubs not apartments," the local council told FT. They are still investigating the complaints, the report notes. And despite Vatican ownership, no complaints openly suggested that any Vatican employees were present at any of the late-night meetings.

Becciu denies having committed any wrongdoing and had "no role in overseeing the rental or management of any Vatican-owned London property." In the meantime, however, his apartment turns out to be almost a good deal, rented for 30,000 pounds, 36,000 euros, per week….

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