INNOCENTS WOUNDED TO THE WHITE GUN IN PARIS. Right near where Charlie Hebdo was, Crisis and extremism will wreak havoc in Europe

An attacker with a cleaver seriously injured 5 people in Paris, three very slight, not far from where Chalie Hebdo was, The person was then arrested, and, as is due to an undercover terrorist, he was not on the watch list by the police. Subsequently another person was stopped, always connected to the same crime.

This fact may be related to the fact that Charlie Hebdo republished the famous cartoons about Mohammed, considered blasphemous, just in late September. A short time ago in Sweden there was a real revolt, complete with fires and clashes with the police, because some characters of a libertarian party had burned a Koran. Unfortunately, Europe finds itself at a very dangerous crossroads: on the one hand it has opened access to a Muslim migration, which, by combining religious and social elements, often finds itself in a position of extremism and, frankly, of intolerance. On the other hand, a Europe that is so secular that it no longer believes in anything, indeed often feels a little annoyance towards those who still feel something, but Europe is also the land in which the sacred, for centuries, has often been taken into consideration. round.

A neighborhood already affected by the tragedy of 2015 has experienced another serious situation of tension, with everything armored and even 6 metro stations closed. The French press pretends not to know why this happened, that everything was caused by the usual "Crazy", but we should ask ourselves if we are not the crazy ones who do not understand what is happening. Not being able to eliminate the religious question, we should at least act to eliminate the social one, allowing the emergence of the hypothesis of peaceful coexistence, but we are too closed in a mental rigidity for which all social spending is money thrown away. Instead they are perhaps the best money spent, because they build social peace, but those who sleep in the golden bubble of Brussels, protected by private guards, do not realize it.

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