Instead of Covid, how many die of sex?

There is always talk, even too much, of the dead, today especially, if not only, of covid-19. Yet you can also die for many other reasons, even apparently pleasant ones. The practice of sex is generally related to an improvement in the physical and psychological condition of people, as it reduces blood pressure, improves the immune system and yes, it also helps to go to sleep more rested and therefore increases the quality of sleep. Unfortunately it is also one of the typical causes of death from heart failure, although fortunately not so frequent and probable only in elderly subjects. A latest study, published in the German academic journal " Herz " estimates that these deaths from this cause are 0.6%, which means a very small percentage of deaths, which are also linked to previous health conditions, such as a certain addiction to illegal drugs such as cocaine or even to drugs (especially those aimed at treating ailments such as erectile dysfunction). Now new research from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology partially reviews this data. The paper examined 6,847 cases between 1994 and 2020 and concluded that, surprisingly, the average age of this type of tragedy is decreasing, affecting younger subjects. Although deaths during or after sexual intercourse represent only 0.2%, the average age at which they occurred was 38, with a notable increase in the percentage in women (35% with a percentage equal to men ).
Another surprising conclusion from the study is that most of these deaths (53%) were not caused by heart attacks, as was the general pattern, but by an arrhythmia, more commonly called sudden death syndrome due to cardiac arrhythmia (SADS). . The second most frequent cause, on the other hand, was due to aortic dissection, that is, a break in the wall that covers this important artery, responsible for transporting blood outside the heart organ. In this case, the relative percentage of these deaths was 12% of the total.

So you can die of love. Not often, but you can, and in any case it's always much better than dying of boredom or covid!

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