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“Italy, a social experiment”: how the Washington Post sees our country

It is said that only foreigners, as outsiders, can truly judge the situation of a country. If this is true then the situation of democracy in Italy, as designed by the Washington Post, would be truly tragic, and not for the "Fascist" infiltrations.

The WP clearly speaks of "New territory for a Western democracy" which is explored by our country with the Green pass. If an area of ​​"New Democracy" is explored, and this does not derive from an enlargement of the same, it means that we are not already more in a "Western Democracy", but in a completely different territory that democracy is no longer. The compulsory Green pass to travel, to work, to have fun, applied in our extension, pushes us, says the WP, to test “What level of control is acceptable for society”.

The Washington Post is a newspaper with a strongly liberal stance in the US, close to the Dems and Biden. A media that also supported the president in imposing the vaccination obligation for federal workers. It can certainly not be defined as a sovereign organ or the expression of a no-vax spirit. Yet even a media with this political stance is amazed at the extent of the political experiment by which what was a living Western democracy is transformed into a kind of zombie of personal and political rights.

This of course is much less understood in Italy, for a number of reasons:

  • first of all our perspective is distorted, as we are inside the game;
  • therefore from the fact that we enjoy, so to speak, information that is even more shortsighted and partisan than that of the USA, which is something we shouldn't boast about;
  • then it gives an increasing dose of intolerance. The Green pass has allowed that Nazi part that is in every human being to express itself, regardless of political color, and this is truly the greatest crime committed by the government. The Green pass does not make it better, but worse.

This is a social experiment, but the results of the experiments are not necessarily either positive or desirable. Those who enjoy it today could pay the price tomorrow.

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