ITALY DOES NOT BELIEVE IN EUROPE (and it is reciprocated). Different peoples, different goals, different fears

A good article by Canale Sovranista repeats the latest Eurobarometer survey, which we remember is a European body, therefore tending to be euro-enthusiastic. The survey is in July-August, so relatively recent and the results should be well studied by those who want to deal with politics.

First of all, let's start by asking ourselves what Europeans trust in the European Union. Here is the result:

Only 28% of Italians trust the Union, while 61% have no confidence in the Union. The exact opposite of what happens in a small country like Ireland, where 28% of citizens have no faith in the EU, while 71% believe it. The first four states that believe in the Union are small nations, but the last two are Italy and France, who were founders of the European Economic Community.

Do Italians feel like citizens of the European Union?

For the most part, Italians do not feel they are citizens of the Union, only 48% feel they are "European citizens", and 51% do not. On the contrary, Irish and Luxembourgers feel they are European citizens.

And what do they think of the democratic functioning of the European Union?

According to 45% of Italians, the Union is not a democratic construction, while 71% of Danes and Poles have the same idea. 52% clearly think it is NOT a democratic construction. With worse results are France (43%) and Greece (34%), the latter which has experienced the pleasures of the European Troika and whose skepticism is perfectly justified. We might notice that trust in democracy in the Union also depends very much on the level of popular representation and democracy of the government in the homeland. We know very well that the Macron government is one of the least popular in French history and the media carefully avoids carrying out serious polls on Conte's popularity, leaving everything to Casalino's imagination.

In your opinion, is it possible for a policy to meet what Europeans feel are basic needs?

The answer is simple: NO. The priority for the Germans, the Swedes and the Danes are linked to the environment, those of the Italians to the economy and the French to unemployment. paradoxically a common Italian-French policy would be possible, in the end economic growth leads to greater employment, but NOT linked to that of the Nordic countries, apart from the empty programs of the Commission which thinks it is always possible to have drunk wives and full barrels, managing not to pursue no results in any area.

Italy is strongly Eurosceptic, Euro-incredulous, does not see the Union as a friend, nor as an aid, nor as a democratic construction. At the same time, if you read the German newspapers, you see a not subtle contempt for the Mediterranean countries. The Italians do not like the Union and in truth they are fully reciprocated, which is also evident because there are no Italians at the leading points of the institutions (I mean important Italians). We are guests in Brussels, and we don't even feel welcome. it is not clear why we should continue to stay there.

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