Japan, archipelago under siege between Russia, China and North Korea

Japan is currently experiencing a situation of military siege that is certainly not making the first days of Fumio Kishida's new government peaceful.

To the north, in at least an unusual move, ten Chinese and Russian warships traveled jointly across the Tsugaru Strait which divides the two Japanese islands of Honshu and Hokkaido, which are in turn connected by the Seikan tunnel.

If in itself the water of the Tsugaru Strait is considered international, although in the Japanese Exclusive Economic Zone, the construction of the Seikan tunnel has meant that the overlying waters have become Japanese territorial waters, so that, in this way, the joint fleet Russian Chinese violated Tokyo's territorial waters by moving from the Sea of ​​Japan to the Pacific Ocean, all accompanied by Chinese helicopters and planes.

However, it was not the only defensive headache for the Kishida government: two North Korean strategic missiles were launched from the peninsula and then landed in the East Korean Sea.

This is the sixth test since the beginning of 2021, in which various strategic weapons have been tested, from cruise missiles to hypersonic warheads. In this case it is not clear what type of strategic missile was launched, but there is talk of a test of a submarine launchable missile.

The Pyongyang tests normally follow the trend of relations with the southern counterpart. It is no coincidence that the North Korean news agency, a few days earlier, spoke of the need to make greater efforts to improve relations between the parties. A strange way to do diplomacy.

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