Japan seeks to abandon the obligation to zero-emission cars and climate obligations

While the European Union and Japan are in full climatic ecstasy, Japan appears to be in the midst of a change of position that will give importance to other factors of greater weight than carbon neutrality.

Indeed, this week it was reported that Japan was pushing to "remove a target for zero-emission vehicles from an expected G7 release this week," according to Reuters which cited a proposed draft.

The Japanese reference that was removed concerned a "collective target of at least 50% zero-emission vehicles by 2030". It has been replaced with the much less definitive sounding goal of "significantly increasing the sale, share and adoption of light-duty zero-emission vehicles, recognizing the range of routes members are taking to approach these. targets".

According to the report, the change would "water down" existing language about climate change, while the Japanese auto industry continues to suffer criticism from environmentalists who say it is moving too slowly to adopt zero-emission vehicles.

Clearly feeling the weight of government-enforced change for the entire industry, the Toyota chief last week allegedly lobbied the Japanese government to make it clear that it "supports hybrid vehicles as much as zero-emission electric batteries."

The country had also pushed, separately, for the removal of the requirement that all sales of new cars and vans in the G7 countries must be "zero emission vehicles" by 2035. The date of 2035 was not included in the declaration. final, the report reads, and was instead replaced with the aim of achieving a "highly decarbonised road sector by 2030" by "significantly" increasing sales of zero-emission vehicles.

Then Japan also begins to take a bath of realism, realizing that, without new technologies and miracles, there will be no ecological transition. It is a pity that the same cannot be said of Europe.

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