Japanese defense minister: China will pay a heavy price for the South China Sea

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono said China "will pay a high price if it tries to change the international status quo in the South China Sea," as reported by CNN and other sources.

As is well known, China is trying to change the situation in the South China Sea by transforming various shallow waters into real islands with air bases, ports and missile installations, despite Beijing has always denied. Kono's comments on Friday followed a speech by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison given in front of the Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday, in the qaule stating that Tokyo and Canberra were "taking concrete action to support our friends and allies in the Pacific and Southeast. Asian".
Morrison said that the United States and Australia share common values ​​and that the two nations "have supported each other".
Kono also spoke on Friday about Japan's strong mutual relations with Washington, saying it is also vital in regards to the threat posed by North Korea, especially after negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang on North Korea's nuclear missile program are losers.
"They have missiles and they may have some nuclear capability," Kono said. “We are not sure what Kim Jung-un is thinking. So it's harder to predict what North Korea is trying to do, so we need to be on alert 24/7. "

Japan and Australia are the two countries closest to Washington in the area, whose commitment to contain Chinese expansionism is such that they have intervened with military exercises. Late last month, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper called on US allies and partners to step up pressure on Beijing, saying the Chinese Communist Party was showing "a blatant disregard for international commitments" it had made. in the South China Sea.

We recall that the Japanese Navy, or rather the "Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force", a definition acquired after the dissolution of the Imperial Navy following the defeat in the Second World War, is a flexible and powerful force, with two Izumo-class aircraft carrier destroyers, true aircraft carriers that will soon be equipped with F35b fighter-bombers, numerous and modern destroyers, frigates, and submarines and is able to place 1600 anti-ship missiles on their opponents. China can place 3,000, but Japan starts from the assumption that it can act alongside allies, such as the USA, which can deploy 10,000 missiles.

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