Joint Sino Russian Lunar Base

Russia and China have signed a Memorandum of intergovernmental cooperation within the joint creation of the International Lunar Science Station (ILRS). On behalf of the governments, the document was signed by representatives of Roscosmos, the Russian space agency, and the Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA). According to SpaceNews, in accordance with the Memorandum, Russia and China will jointly deploy the station by 2030 in the lunar South Pole region, meaning a shift from Russia's partnership with other ISS program participants in an "eastward direction" .

Consequently, this can significantly affect the overall alignment in the field of space exploration.
The ILRS goal is a long-term human presence on the moon for the next decade in the 2030s. Roscosmos has already reported that the operational life of the ISS is coming to an end and Russia is ready to share its experience of space expeditions in the interest of the Russo-Chinese project. According to University of Leicester expert Bleddin Bowen, the memorandum reflects a broader trend in the convergence of the "orbits" of Russia and China in space research.

If apparently it may seem like a win-win situation in these collaborations, Russia has always been at a disadvantage: in fact, as happened in the military sector, while Beijing has been able to absorb Russian technology, on the contrary Moscow has seen its industrial competitiveness decline. towards the partner.

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