Like real Doctors (not ISS) they treat COVID-19 thanks to a chat

A chat of 200 GPs, in which general practitioners exchange experiences and therapies, proves to be the best weapon of any Healthcare Institute. On the basis of an exchange of practical knowledge, they managed to find personalized therapies that caused the number of hospitalized patients to drop to 5%.

An intuition that proved to be fundamental. Thanks to that virtual comparison, in fact, a home treatment based on Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Heparin was formulated which saved many Covid patients. "The idea of ​​what to do with this disease has been precluded to us for months – Dr. Andrea Mangiagalli told our microphones – the general practitioners were completely isolated".

A testimony that becomes a complaint, that of the general practitioner of the ASL of Milan: for months, in fact, no indication was given by the official bodies on what to do concretely against the virus. The story in this interview by Francesco Vergovich and Fabio Duranti. “At the end of February, so immediately, together with my colleague from Milan Laura Frosali, we set up this chat because we realized that this was not the usual disease. We decided to gather colleagues there to get the doctors to discuss what they were doing.

Well before Aifa authorized its use on an experimental basis, we came to think of a combined treatment with three drugs that are still criticized by many, namely Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Heparin. What we understood was that hospitalization brought little benefit and treating these patients early at home was the winning weapon.

Why are the ISS and the various authorities not listening to their experiences? No, they are waiting for the vaccine. meanwhile people are dying, as is the Italian economy.

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