London probably in Lockdown tomorrow

Covid-19 does not seem to slow down its spread in the United Kingdom, especially in London and the government will evaluate by tomorrow whether to send the capital back to Lockdown.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed that he is meeting with City Mayor Sadiq Khan as he will consider imposing new restrictions on London. The Mayor of London has already said London is expected to face a new coronavirus freeze by Monday. Asked in Times Radio today whether Londoners could be asked to work from home as early as this week, Hancock refused to rule it out. Now this measure seems inevitable.

This would mark a dramatic shift in the government's stance, after a concerted effort by ministers to bring more people back from home to office. Hancock told Sky News: “The first line of defense is people's behavior. “But then, after that, local blockades are needed and I have initiated local action in different parts of the country where cases are increasing. "I discussed this week with the Mayor of London and the teams are meeting today to discuss further what might be needed."

According to Mayor Khan, London is now only "Two or three behind" compared to the North and Manchester, where very strong work restrictions have returned. Meanwhile, dissatisfaction is growing with how the government has dealt with the problem, first closing and then inviting people to return to work, only to close again, The Telegraph today asked Johnson to get rid of irresponsible advisors and call the army into the field . the situation in the UK is at this level …

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