Voices have also been read in Italy, such as that of Beppe Severgnini, in favor of censorship of Trump and the other conservatives banned by FB and Twitter. Unfortunately, the servility and submission of a part of our journalists is known and evident. Yet it is clear that once freedom of speech is eliminated with Politically Correct or other censorship tools, all other freedoms will follow. without criticism, even harsh, incorrect and violent, there is no democracy, and without democracy freedom of religion, of movement, of thought, of economic enterprise, of therapeutic choice, etc. go away. In Italy the sardines, with the desire to silence criticism because they are "Violent", are precisely on this road to slavery.

We propose an excerpt from The Economic Collapse Blog

It is ironic enough that many of those who always tell us that we need "diversity" in our society are also some of the strongest voices against "diversity of views" on social media.

The founders of this nation wanted to be sure that no one would ever take away our right to free speech, which is why it was enshrined in the Charter of Rights. Unfortunately, the courts have greatly eroded this right in recent decades and we now face an all-out attack on free speech in a way never seen before in history before. And once free speech is completely wiped out, all our other rights will soon follow, because there will be no longer any means to defend them.

When the United States was created, the government was really the only major threat to free speech. At the beginning of America, the media and societies were severely limited in size and scope, and this was because our founders were determined not to let them get too big or too powerful.

Our founders knew that excessive concentrations of money and power would be major threats to freedom, and this certainly turned out to be the case.

In the old days, if you wanted to express yourself, you could get on a soap box on a street corner. The reason why today we use the term "market of ideas" is because people used to literally gather in the markets and city squares and exchange ideas with each other. In our time, the internet has become the place where we all come together to exchange ideas, but unfortunately the control of all the most important gathering spaces is in the hands of a very small group of colossal tech companies.

When Facebook, Twitter and others began to grow, they typically allowed people to pretty much say what they wanted to say and information flowed quite freely, but censorship has increased dramatically over the past four years, and reached a crescendo the other day. when Twitter announced it would permanently suspend President Trump's account.

How would our founders feel about it?

Tech giants like Facebook and Twitter now have more financial resources than entire nations, and in many ways they also have the same level of power that many national governments possess. You can make this consideration: President Trump could never take away the ability to express yourself, but Facebook and Twitter can do it with a click.

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