Lotto game rules and statistics

Talking about Lotto games also means referring to a whole universe of probabilities and statistics which is constantly evolving and which, over the years, has set more than one interesting record. During each week there are three appointments with the draws: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening around 20:00. There are 11 different wheels on which you can concentrate your predictions and they are: Bari, Cagliari, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Turin, Venice, plus the National one. How to play? You can play up to ten numbers at most, on a single wheel or on multiple reels, in order to try to predict which numbers will be drawn. A single number is called 'extracted', the output of a pair of numbers is instead identified with the terms 'both' and 'ambetto', while that of three numbers is the 'terno'. The output of four numbers is the 'quatern', the one of five numbers is finally called 'cinquina'. There is a certain amount played that corresponds to each prediction made, and it is also possible to guess what the ordinal sequence will be in relation to the extraction (in this case we will speak of 'determined extract').

Late numbers, records and curiosities related to the draws of yesterday and today

We mentioned that the statistics in the Lotto game undoubtedly represent an interesting and vast world in which it is easy to get lost. There are many curiosities and records that have followed one another over the years regarding the extraction (and colossal delays) of the various numbers. For example, perhaps not everyone knows that the absolute record of absence in the Lotto game (we are talking about 132 draws) belongs to the number 24 on the wheel of Florence. Followed by 22 on the National wheel (120 competitions) and by 59 on the same wheel (114 absences). It will be interesting to underline how every time such important delays are recorded, a real phenomenon of costume is unleashed. At that point, the attention of the mass media and public opinion focused on the Lotto.

To stay today, it will be useful to take stock of the last draw, which took place on Tuesday 20 July 2021 at 20:00, in terms of statistics and late numbers. It is always the number 24 on the wheel of Florence who leads the patrol of chronic latecomers: after the last competition it has in fact reached the remarkable figure of 132 rounds of delay. On the second step of the podium the number 22 is placed on the National wheel (we are 120 absences), then there are 49 on the Turin wheel (102), 59 on the National one (114) and, on the Venice wheel, the 16 (with 94 shifts late). Curiosity: among the most interesting numerical combinations released in the last competition, a set of ten on the wheel of Florence (90-3-5) and one vertibile on that of Genoa (71-17) are worth mentioning. On the official website of the Lotto game it is however also possible to consult the history of the draws, as well as browse through the statistics relating to late and frequent numbers.

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