LVI WOULD VOTE YES: the very fascist electoral law which reduced the deputies to 400.

Canale Sovranista sheds light on a very interesting peculiarity: the constitutional referendum wanted by the 5-star Movement and officially supported by the PD (in exchange for the MES …) reduces the number of Deputies as much as the fascist electoral law of May 17, 1928 wanted ( year VI of EF)

As you read 1019 of 1928 the number of deputies was dropped to 400, when the already fascist Acerbo Law had defined the number at 535. At the time, an ordinary law was enough to change the number of deputies, much more practical, especially when only ONE decided. . It must also be said that Italy at the time had far fewer inhabitants than it does now, about 40 million, and furthermore the law in question redefined the right to vote on a census basis, a nice backtrack compared to the Universal Suffrage wanted by the Socialists before the war ( the real ones, not the Piddinis).

Many things put the current majority in parallel with the wishes of the electoral law of the times in which they gave of the You and greeted each other without shaking hands, just like now….

At school you have to say hello without touching or hugging …

If you read the Fascist law of 1928 it provided that there was a nice single plank: if this had the majority, it would pass entirely and the parliament was good than done: stability (it took 25 July 1943 to bring down the government) efficiency, reduction of debt (until 1930)…. primary surpluses… opposition mazzulated by the newspapers, but at the time also in reality. Sure, the trains ran on time and surely there was a slightly different concept of morality from today, but perhaps the media talked about the Pope less than now. Then, little by little, we allied ourselves with Germany… not like now….

Now the PD and M5 are already thinking about the new electoral law. With preferences? Absolutely NOT, all of the beautiful price lists blocked. Just like in 1928 …

Mhhh is not that voting yes in this referendum makes the State a little less democratic and a little more fascist?

In the meantime, I greet you ……

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