Today was not a good day for the Five Star Movement. First the news of il Riformista according to which Casaleggio and C would have taken 2 million euros from Philip Morris, against invoices and services not directly related to payments, an act that occurred when taxes on electronic smoking came to drop by 25% , with significant savings for the Company. On the other hand, the French minister Bruno Le Maire who wants Italy to sign the reform of the ESM, allowing our money to be used to save the German franc banks. This has created a lot of tension in the small and orphaned European patrols of the M5s.

MEP Beghin, not knowing what to do, attacked the Lega group in the Brussels Parliament for "Being allied with those who are now blocking the recovery fund and the 209 billion for Italy". Too bad that Poland and Hungary are led by parties that are NOT in the League group, they are not allies, indeed they voted for Von Der Leyen exactly like the Cinquestelle

Rinaldi dry intervenes:

To divert attention from them
internal divisions and the wrong choices of the Government from them
argued, the representatives of the M5s attack the League, but maybe
they should start doing some self-criticism. If of the funds of the
Recovery Fund has not yet arrived a cent to Italians, a
despite their triumphal announcements, the fault lies not with the League
of Salvini, but of the inability of the majority that supports the
Conte Government and the Von der Leyen Commission, which I remember being
was voted by the M5s delegation together with Orban's party in
July 2019, certainly not from Matteo Salvini's League ". So in a note
Antonio Maria Rinaldi, MEP of the League, member of the
Econ Commission, shadow rapporteur of the instrument for recovery and the
Resilience. “Also, sorry that the M5s, led in Europe by Beghin, ignore the
legislative procedures: should know that the European Parliament does not
votes the Recovery Fund – adds the Northern League – but the tools that
are part, and among them the most important is the tool for
Recovery and Resilience (RRF), currently under discussion between
Council, Commission and Parliament, which aims to
help Member States to carry out investments and reforms with
loans and grants ". “From representatives of a majority that from this
spring promises a shower of billions, based on headlines alone
instead of studying the dossiers and documents of the institutions
EU, we cannot expect more: theirs are assumed
responsibility and stop making fun of the Italians ",

A dry response to a banned party.

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