Michael J Burry, the big investor, speaks free!

Dr. J Michael Burry of "The Big Short" fame presented his thinking bare Thursday, where he posted a number of tweets – including a fact-check on Ivermectin, who is actually paying their "fair share" of taxes, how many genders exist and a defense of former president Donald J. Trump. Recall that Michael Burry and his Scion Investment made their investors rich first by betting against the real estate market, but recently being the first to recognize that Gamestop would be a great deal and coming out very early and with full pockets.

On taxes, Burry – who has since blocked his account – tweeted “ Top 1%, 20.9% income, 40.1% tax. The bottom 90% paid only 28.6% of the taxes. The tax rate of 1% higher is 7 times HIGHER than that paid by the lower 50%. Biden tells the rich to "pay as everyone else does". So, a tax cut for the rich? Or a class war built on lies ”.

Burry – the head of Scion Asset Management who rose to prominence after making a hugely successful mortgage bet in the 2008 financial crisis, linked to this taxfoundation.org article. His tweet comes as Congressional Democrats discuss a $ 3.5 trillion bill in social spending that hinges on taxing the rich.

On Trump, Burry noted that the former president “NEVER said to inject bleach”, adding “If you do, again, you win Darwinism. If you still believe it, you haven't read his comments, or you can't read his comments, or you can't hear his comments or blindly follow people on the Internet #TDS "

He then set the record straight on the oft-repeated lie that Trump called neo-Nazi white supremacists "good people" following the Charlottesville protest (and receipts).

Burry notes that Trump "HAVE suggested that indoor UV light was an interesting therapeutic approach" and was "pilloried for it."

“It turns out it's a good approach that delivers on its promise. Social media still jokes about this. This is how toxic the left is for the progress of COVID ”.

On Ivermectin, Burry noted that it is “a drug that works well in humans and other mammals,” adding “Ignorance reigns supreme in the media and on social media regarding this drug. Used in humans since the 1970s, extensive experience, safe, period. ”(And, of course, receipts).

On the gender issue:

About self-hating Americans destroying the nation's history, Burry wrote “Those with better technology take, brutally, all of history. How did the Aztec empire get so big, or the Romans? The African wars until today. It is ridiculous to hit America or an apology for our foundation. Do you think the Chinese would repent 200 years after conquering us? "

On the state of "persecution against conservatives" – Burry says it "permeates society from grassroots through college and into the workforce," adding "Media, Big Tech, intelligence agencies, DoJs, IRS are complicit. This is seriously serious, and not a matter to laugh about. "

Before earning hundreds of millions as an investor, Burry was originally a medical doctor, majoring in medicine from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. so his words are not those of any Hope.

A series of utterances that is causing a little uproar on the web.

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