Migrants. Grains even in the US, the governor of Florida doesn’t want any more

Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper meets with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at the Naval Station Headquarters, in Pensacola, Fl., Jan. 22, 2020. (DoD photo by Army Staff Sgt. Nicole Mejia)

On Thursday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a letter to the Biden administration calling for transparency and that they stop sending "Illegal Aliens" to Florida.

" President Biden, Vice President Harris and their administration have refused to fulfill their responsibility to enforce congressional immigration laws and the resulting influx of uncontrolled illegal aliens endangers our national security and undermines the socioeconomic well-being of hard-working American citizens, ”DeSantis said in a written statement.

" Unfortunately, even though the federal government is responsible for enforcing immigration, it is the states that bear the brunt of this administration's reckless immigration policies ."

In a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the Republican governor wrote that he wanted to end the mass resettlement of "illegal aliens" in the United States. DeSantis also urged the Homeland Security Department to provide greater transparency when it comes to resettling illegal immigrants in Florida and to warn "state leadership" in advance before illegal immigrants are resettled in the state. It called the Biden administration's border policies "disastrous" and set a deadline of September 30, 2021 to provide the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) with a long list of information and data before sending other illegal ones in the state.

In DeSantis' letter he requested the Biden administration to disclose the following information to FDLE:

  • the number of illegal immigrants resettled in Florida;
  • the names and destinations of illegal aliens;
  • the number of illegal aliens resettled to Florida who have been tested for COVID-19 and the results of those tests;
  • the identities of illegal aliens who have a criminal record and who have previously illegally entered the United States; And
  • the number and identity of illegal aliens resettled to Florida who did not show up for removal.

The letter went on to accuse the Biden administration of managing real human trafficking,

" My office has received information indicating that ICE, sometimes with the US Department of Health and Human Services, has chartered flights to transport illegal foreign adults and children to Florida, " the governor wrote.

" Given the general lack of transparency, I am concerned that the federal government is conducting its own massive human smuggling operation, smuggling illegal immigrants into various states without consultation or even prior notice to the state leadership ."

The governor wrote that this practice is "intolerable and unacceptable".

" Florida citizens welcome responsible immigration that serves the interests of our citizens, but we can't stand the illegality that this administration is helping and encouraging, and frankly encouraging, on the southwestern border ," DeSantis said.

The practice of the Biden / Harris duo of accepting irregular immigrants without any control is becoming unacceptable for the "" Red "states, that is, of the GOP, also because it takes place without any prior control, without any coordination with the state government, in a federal state, and without communicating the personal data of those arriving. This is unacceptable to anyone who is ruling locally on both sides of the ocean. Too bad that in Italy the local administrators now appear a bit intimidated and bent.

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